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Pesticides / Insecticides Spiders 

In Piensa en Verde you have all the insecticides to fight against the most fearsome plague of marijuana cultivation, the red spider. It's more common than it seems the visit of these micro mites to outdoor cannabis crops although it's in the interior where the damage is even greater since they haven't any natural predator to kill them. It's important to catch the plague in time to don't throw the work of many weeks on the ground. The red spider multplies quickly with high temperatures, they feed on plant sage and make them lose their stength an vigor. The leaves become withered, interrupting the photosyntesis and consequently the production of clorophyll. As I have said many times, having a preventive before hand to start the crop is a good idea, you will reduce the chances of suffering some attack of fungi and insects. It's also advisable to clean the tools and growing space everytime you harvest and of course control humidity ( maximum 60% ) the perfect temperature an indoor crop is 24º . If you have any question i'll be happy to help you.