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In PevGrow, we have available in our online store the best insecticides and pesticides to fight the red spider mite, one of the most terrible pests faced by cannabis growers.

These pests, usually arise in outdoor and indoor crops, but it is in the latter, where they are most abundant, as they have no external threat that can knock it down. It is very important to catch this type of pest in time, because if it is not solved quickly, all the time and work you have obtained will go to waste, because they are feeding little by little of the sap of your plants to leave them without any force.

The red spider, multiplies like a ray when there are high temperatures, causing serious damage to your plants, as we have mentioned before, and that the color of these, is gradually deteriorating, to move from an attractive green color, to a muted orange color.

To prevent these pests from reaching your harvest, we recommend using a quality insecticide or preventive pesticide, cleaning each and every one of the tools you use for your harvest each time you finish and most importantly, controlling the temperature very much so that it does not exceed 24 degrees.

For this reason, we have created an extensive catalogue with the best insecticides and pesticides against red spider mite, tested by a team of great professionals and a quality and effectiveness corroborated by the thousands and thousands of opinions collected in our online store, by our customers.

Our expert growers, have made a selection of insecticides and pesticides against red spider mite, which have cared for their crops for many years:

Plant Vitality Plus:

Plant Vitality Plus, is a 100% mineral pesticide, which serves as a multifunction, as it will serve as a preventive measure to protect your plant from the red spider and as a healing and a real lethal weapon, to end this plague if it has already nested in your crop.


SMC Spidermite Control:

SMC Spidermite Control is an insecticide that will radically kill the red spider mite with just one spray for your entire harvest. As if that weren't enough, thanks to its 100% biological and 100% natural origins, you won't harm the environment since you won't be using any chemical substance or pesticide.

So, you know, don't hesitate to fight this tough battle with your best ally, PevGrow pesticides. Now available and at the best price in your trusted Growshop.

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