Pesticide for cochineal

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Pesticides to combat the dreaded cochineal pest are now available at our online shop.

This pest most often occurs in outdoor crops and greenhouses, and it does so in the form of a tiny white insect, but with very destructive effects on your crop, because if you don't treat it in time, you may lose everything you wanted to get.

The mealybugs, do not visit, stay to devastate and colonize everything in their path. They do it, weakening the defences of your plant little by little, from the stage of growth to that of flowering, until they get everything they can.

After many years of growing cannabis, we have had experiences of all kinds, and unfortunately a plague of cochineal threw overboard an incredible crop of Jack Herer ... You can get an idea of our monumental goat. So since then the pesticides that have worked best for us have been these:

Canna Cure pesticide:

Canna Cure is a powerful pesticide that will instantly eliminate any pest that threatens your crop, without damaging the environment, as it has 100% natural origins, which makes its effectiveness is spectacular without the need to use any harmful substance or pesticide. As if that weren't enough, you'll only need to spray your plants once a week for them to grow strong and healthy.


Anti cochineal:

Anti Cochineal, will be your best ally in the battle against the most veteran cochineal, who cling to surrender. All you have to do is spray all over the leaves of your plant, and it will do the rest, because thanks to its easy absorption capacity, just inhale it, the mealybugs will disappear completely without leaving any trace.


Cytroline sipcam:

Cytroline Sipcam, is a 100% biodegradable pesticide, specially made to kill this type of pests, in a spectacularly effective way. What makes this pesticide even better is its easy application. With only 10 ml per litre of water, you will have your best weapon ready.


Don't wait until it's too late, prevent by using pesticides against Cochineal, because when it appears is much more complicated that we can fight them. My mother always told me, that prevention is better than cure, and of course, what a reason she didn't lack! Buy now in PevGrow, the pesticides against  the Cochineal and finish with this villain who tries to destroy your wonderful cannabis plants.

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