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Conservation and drying 

This section will teach you the most suitable items to keep our buds of marijuana in the most optimal and durable, although we have machines such as vacuum packaging HI-POWER allows us to preserve the organoleptic qualities of foods and other perishables. We also have plastic containers to maintain the vacuum, are one of the best options to save a lot of marijuana.
At Piensa en Verde we emphasize successfully perform the drying and curing process before placing the grass in these boats, after having a couple of weeks to have hanged our buds, ideally a couple of months our production wooden box to finish in the plastic containers, which keep during months without being altered the properties of our grass.

Too we will see the products that can help speed up the drying and manicuring of our harvest. The desiccant quintessential "Secaplus", a complete kit harvesting and drying, and climate of good value.