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CBD e liquid 

From PEV Grow we have the pleasure of presenting our section of e-liquids with CBD, here you will find vaping liquids of marijuana flavor, hash with flavor and aroma that will take time to forget.

These e liquids with CBD are inhaled through electronic cigarettes or e-CIGS, devices used as an alternative to tobacco or, simply, as leisure methods. Our e-liquids do not contain nicotine or THC so they have no psychoactive effect. They do not create addiction and of course they do not test positive for drugs.

Advantages of CBD e-liquids

They have many advantages, among which are positive effects, such as antiemetics, anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytics. The CBD has these effects and for many diseases are totally safe and effective in their benefits.

Many people are not attracted to the idea of using cannabis because of its side effects that affect the brain, but this is not a problem, since CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, it has no side effects at brain level. Through the e-liquids and its vaporization is we get to avoid another frequent element, that is, having to consume cannabis in order to obtain the benefits of CBD.

What else do e-liquids contain?

These liquids are composed of a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in addition to terpenes, these act in conjunction with the CBD thus creating a very pleasant entourage effect.


What is the best way to ingest CBD?

In some studies, it is concluded that consuming cannabinoids through the lung is a very effective way. Through vaporization, this intrapulmonary administration is achieved. This means avoiding toxic compounds, that we would get if we, for example, smoked it, due to combustion. Smoking or other methods such as injecting it can become dangerous and ineffective.

Therefore, vaporizing it is the best way to consume it, and in addition, it can also become the most common method of medicinal use of this element called cannabinoid, which is already proved to be so beneficial. So the best thing is to use e liquids with CBD.

And now, if I have to recommend an e-liquid with CBD from our catalog, I would opt for two of the Harmony house, it is my weakness to be delighted with flavors such as Strawberry or the Super Lemon Haze, an experience that makes me levitate.