CBD e liquid

Liquids to vape CBD with terpenes of the most tasty varieties of cannabis. Take advantage of all the benefits of cannabidiol enjoying a great taste.


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These and liquids with CBD are inhaled through electronic cigarettes or CIGS, devices that are used as an alternative to tobacco or simply as leisure methods. Our e-liquids do not contain nicotine or THC and therefore have no psychoactive effect. They are not addictive and of course do not test positive for drug testing. These liquids are composed of a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin as well as terpenes, which act together with CBD to create a very pleasant entourage effect.

Why buy e liquids with CBD?

They have many advantages, including positive effects such as antiemetics, anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatories and anxiolytics. CBD has these effects and for many diseases are completely safe and effective in their benefits.

Many people are not attracted to the idea of using cannabis because of its side effects that affect the brain, but these are not a problem, since CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, it has no side effects at the brain level. Through e-liquids and their vaporization, another frequent element is eliminated, such as having to consume cannabis to obtain the benefits of CBD.

Liquid brands for electronic cigarettes

E liquids of ARAE

The CBD of ARAE e-liquids is full spectrum, which is superior to using the CBD crystal, so as the level of cannabidiol increases it requires further purification. There are 6 different flavors available that will recreate the flavor of marijuana at the highest level. The taste of hashish will make you enjoy the delights of hashish again and you will be very satisfied!

Harmony E liquids

One of the most important and prestigious companies in the vapeo sector. They inspire their flavors in the most award-winning cannabis strains. You won't be disappointed in its taste and quality. This English company knows what it's all about!


E liquids by Sensi Seeds

This legendary company in the world of marijuana, and responsible for the creation of the world's most recognized and important varieties, is making headway in the creation of CBD liquids with an unusual purity. Always at the forefront of innovation, Sensi Seeds.


The best way to take CBD?

Some studies have concluded that administering cannabinoids via the lungs is a very effective way to consume them. This intrapulmonary administration is achieved through vaporization. This means avoiding toxic compounds, such as smoking, due to combustion. Smoking or other methods such as injecting can be dangerous and ineffective.

Therefore, vaporizing it is the best way to consume it, it can also become the most common method of medicinal consumption of this element called cannabinoid, so beneficial. So it's best to use CBD fluids.


Where to buy liquids for vaping

In Pevgrow, your reliable growshop, with a section dedicated to the CBD, we offer you the best liquids for vapearing, always from the best brands. We would like to introduce you to the world of vapeo and go hand in hand in this adventure, and of course, if you use it for therapeutic purposes and improves your health and helps you in your daily life, we will be the happiest of all.

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