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Victory Seeds: the fastest seeds from its catalogue

The autoflowering seeds of Victory Seeds, are created by professional breeders of one of the fashionable banks of the moment. Victory Seeds, was founded by a group of Dutch friends, who decided to combine their knowledge and their different creations, to converge all under the same label, which today has become one of the most prominent banks in Europe.

For this group of friends, the culture of marijuana is not only a profession, but a form of life, to which it is necessary to throw passion, affection, love and years of experience that have become knowledge. This is reflected in a brutal quality, in all the autoflowering varieties of Victory Seeds.

The best auto seeds from Victory Seeds:

Auto Big Angel

The Auto Big Angel from Victory Seeds is a clear example of this. An auto-flowering strain of 3rd generation, with a genetics composed by Jack Herer, there are plenty of presentations. In indoor crops, using 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, you can get up to 500 gr per m2 of precious buds. In outdoor crops, it can reach a meter and a half high, and if you use a good substrate of bat guano and use a definitive pot of 18 liters, you can collect up to 300 grams per plant.

Northern Lights Auto

A weed that needs no presentation anywhere on the globe and I personally find incredible, is the Northern Lights Auto by Victory Seeds. This version of the classic cannabic, is characterized by incredibly high levels of THC with a mostly Indian phenotype, and a resin production of unparalleled quality. Indoors, it is a real beast, reaching up to 350 gr per m2 with a 400W HPS lamp. In outdoor crops, if you use a quality substrate, you can get up to 200 grams per plant.

Chocolope Auto

For the sweetest, we have good news because Victory Seeds has created Chocolope Auto, which will make you fall in love with its impressive taste of chocolate and its ease to be cultivated. Indoors, in 3 months (not too fast to be an autoflowering) you can collect up to 450 gr per m2, using a LEC lighting system of 315w. In outdoor crops, it grows powerful and vigorous reaching 150 cm, a fact that for an autoflowering variety is impressive, and with which you can collect up to 140 gr per plant.

Auto Biggest Bud

If you're impatient, you'll love Victory Seeds' Auto Biggest Bud. It's a quick and easy seed to grow, which has incredible medicinal properties, as it helps counteract the effects of fibromyalgia. For indoor crops, we recommend using 6 x 18 litre pots, so you can collect up to 450g of dried flowers per square metre. In outdoor crops, do not transplant and use 18 litre pots, this way you will be able to collect almost 200 grams of buds per plant.

Auto Blow Dream

One of Victory Seeds' most prominent autoflowering seeds is Victory Seeds' Auto Blow Dream. Its lemony, bittersweet and earthy taste are its letter of introduction, and what falls in love with thousands of smokers in California. In addition, its resistance to mold is incredible and of course its productivity is not left behind. In outdoor crops, use a quality substrate, is the best investment you can make, because you will exploit their maximum capacities and you can get up to 130 grams per plant.

Ultra Power Plant Auto

If you prefer a guerrilla crop, you should definitely choose Ultra Power Plant Auto from Victory Seeds. It stands out for its excellent behavior in guerrilla crops, and for its powerful effect and high yield. Its cultivation is very simple, and even the greatest beginner could get good yields from a strain like this. In outdoor crops, you can get up to 120 gr per plant.

Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Auto by Victory Seeds is a true work of art. This version of the classic Victory Seeds, is very special, because it is not easy to re-edit a legend like this, but the result has been a success. In outdoor crops, in good condition, you can get up to 120 gr per m2 with a little care.


This is just a snack of what Victory Seeds is able to do, because within its catalog of autoflowering variety there are still real jewelry like, Auto Critical Victory Seeds, Auto Bubble Gum + Pro Victory Seeds, Auto Bubblegum Victory Seeds, Auto Heaven Victory Seeds, Auto Somango Victory Seeds.

Discover now in your trustworthy online Growshop, the autoflowering varieties of Victory Seeds, quality at the best price!

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