Pro XL Organic


PRO XL, 100% organic fertilizer for growing marijuana

On this occasion I have the pleasure of introducing the organic line of fertilizers Pro XL, aimed at those growers looking for an organic crop, where without giving up an extraordinary harvest, you will enhance the aroma and flavor of the wonderful buds that will give your weed.

The use of organic fertilizers, has a series of very positive advantages, as the one that we have already commented and is the potentiation of the organoleptic properties of the final buds, they also stimulate the development of microorganisms, fungi, and beneficial bacteria of the substratum, that are in charge of turning the soil into a soil of great quality, that allows the plant of marijuana to obtain all the nutrients that it needs of fast and effective form. In addition, they do not over-fertilize and do not negatively affect the raw material, balancing, unlike organic fertilizers, the PH of the soil.


Where can I use Pro XL organic fertilizers?

Without any doubt one of the basic elements at the time of choosing for the use of organic fertilizers, is the use of a quality substrate, and is that it does not make any sense to use an organic fertilizer in substrates that include mineral nutrients or you do not know to exact science that they do not have them, you will have to choose spongy substrates that retain the humidity well.


The range of organic fertilizers Pro XL


Growth phase

- Organic Fish Emultion, specific additive for growth phase, made from organic waste fish, including scales, skin and bones, helping to aerate the soil and providing the nutrients necessary for your weed to grow strong and vigorous.

- Bio Element Boost, Increases the amount of microorganisms present in the soil, and provides the extra nutrients that the plant needs to grow strong.

- Foliar Feed Grow Boost, an anti-stress fertilizer that will make your plant develop correctly during its first days of life, being applied directly on the leaves, and helps plants that do not finish rooting do so.

- Organic Root Energy, A root stimulator, which promotes root development, and that will result in a broader vegetative development.

- Organic Grow Component, Fertilizer base for the growth phase, made with plant extracts and soy flour, which provides amino acids, zinc, iron, boron and manganese, in addition to an NPK 5-3-2.


Flowering period

- Organic Bloom Complement, specific base fertilizer for flowering, with a large amount of amino acids and micronutrients, in addition to an NPK of 3-5-5.

- Organic Flower Performance, flowering enhancer with organic potassium levels, as well as essential vitamins and amino acids that help buds grow larger.

- Organic Super Enzym Complex, helps the decomposition of dead roots, providing an improvement in the health of the root system, helping the subsequent reuse of the substrate.

- Humic Fulvid Acid, a specific additive used in flowering and pre-flowering, composed of fulvic and humic acid, helps the substrates retain more liquid, and therefore improves the absorption of nutrients and makes irrigation more effective.

- Organic Ph Control, in soluble powder format, helps to balance the PH of the substrate, made with citric acid from the lemon, helping your plant to absorb the nutrients as necessary. Essential!


Enjoy Pro XL's wide range of organic fertilizers in your trusted online Growshop at the best price, give your crop everything it needs! The reward is worth it!

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