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Bud Candy 2
Bud Candy 2
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Bud Candy

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Advanced Nutrients
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Bud Candy is a cannabis plant nutrient that helps increase the volume, taste, aroma and resin of the buds.

What is Bud Candy made of?

This natural nutrient is composed of a wide variety of cane sugars, caramel molasses and, mainly, carbohydrates, so it helps the flowers get bigger, be more delicious and filled with white and aromatic resin.

Bud Candy is a biomineral fertilizer, made from cranberry extract, grape seed, malt and fermented yeast. It also contains over 70 trace elements, so it provides indoor and outdoor cannabis crops with macronutrients rich in amino acids, polyphenolic compounds, and vitamins (including B1, B5, B12, among others).

What are the advantages of using Bud Candy?

This fertilizer is used in the flowering stage of cannabis plants, that is, three weeks after the photoperiod changes.

It can also be used in combination with other products such as Voodoo Juice and Tarantula, or with a basic Advanced Nutrients fertilizer, becoming one of the most powerful stimulants for growing marijuana.

Bud Candy is composed only of elements of plant origin, which are perfect for optimizing the development of plants to flourish properly and to enhance the final flavor of the buds. But not only that: it also fills them with a large amount of resin, which gives them a more crystallized appearance, and increases their THC. This means that you can get tastier and more powerful weed.

This fertilizer also contains Sweetleaf, an extract of Stevia leafs that helps to form the crystals that cover the flowers and will give them a sweet note. Thanks to its great quality, you will be able to obtain harder and heavier buds when the resin crystallizes, and they will also be full of an intense aroma and flavor that will fascinate anyone. And the best part is that you will obtain flowers that are big like a fist!

How to use Bud Candy?

The appropriate dose is 2 milliliters per liter of water (0.07 fl oz per 33.8 fl oz of water) during the 1st and the 6th week of the flowering stage.

However, it can be used earlier to provide very beneficial carbohydrates to strengthen the plant and start the flowering phase, as long as you do not exceed the dose of 1 milliliter per liter of water (0.03 fl oz per 33.8 fl oz of water). And remember: do not spray, and it is recommended to measure the EC and PH of the water.

Bud Candy contains:

Download Advanced Nutrients growing chart

Data sheet and characteristics

Cultivation phase Cultivation phase
  • Flowering
Properties Properties
  • Fattening buds
  • Regulators pH
  • Root washing
Type of crop Type of crop
  • Soil
Composition Composition
  • Biomineral
  • Mineral
  • Organic
Brands Brands
  • Advanced Nutrients

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