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Clipper lighter brand is a classic among cannabis users and collectors. In this category you can find all the models and their spare parts.Read more


Clipper lighters are known to smokers around the world, thanks to their new and groundbreaking concept. It is a lighter that can last for life, since they are rechargeable and also in our online Growshop, you can purchase spare parts that can be damaged by use, such as the stone Clipper or the gas itself to recharge them.

Made 100% in Spain with top quality materials. Every year they bring out new designs and as a curiosity, there is an interesting market of collectors, smokers and non-smokers, who enlarge the legend of these magnificent lighters. Join the smoking club with Clipper!

Origin of Clipper Lighters

As a brand, its origins date back to 1959, when Flamagas SA registered it, becoming one of the pioneering manufacturers and marketers of lighters worldwide.

The resounding success and consolidation of Clipper Lighters as the world leader of lighters, occurred in the decade of the 70's, when Enric Sardá designed the first Cylindrical Clipper, which became an icon of the hippie fashion and the Spanish Kinki movement of the 80's, arriving to the present time, more than 40 years later, with the same freshness and quality, that makes Clipper lighters not only lighters, but works of art worthy of collection, with thousands of different designs that are renewed every year.

Clipper lighter advantages

Clipper lighters have a reputation for being the best lighters in the world, especially for:

- The high quality materials with which they are manufactured.

- Value for money.

- There are versions of Clipper Lighters with adjustable flame, so you can adjust it to your needs.

- Its life span is very long, as the gas is rechargeable and there are spare parts to keep it in top shape.

- You can choose from an infinity of designs, materials and clipper covers.

- For smokers with more personality, there is the option to customize the lighter to your liking.

What models of Clipper Lighters are there?

Clipper Lighter Classic Large Solid

The lifetime cylindrical clipper lighter, in solid color. It has about 3000 lights per recharge, in addition to a pressing system for rolling tobacco, which is a luxury! You have several different colors to choose from.

Clipper Classic Translucent Lighter

The Classic Translucent Clipper has the same technical qualities as the Large Solid Clipper, unlike the container is perfectly visible, so you can see the gas load very easily in the light. You can choose from different translucent colors, so you can buy the one you like best.

Clipper Classic Large Original Designs

No doubt, my favorite. The Clipper Classic Large Original Designs lighter has thousands and thousands of different and exclusive designs that make each clipper unique. My favorites are without a doubt the Clipper Classic Large Mandalas and the Clipper Classic Large Skull Angels. They're a blast!

Why don't you decide which one is your favorite? Find them all!

You can buy any of the versions among the 3 models of Clipper Lighters available in a pack of 48 units with several different designs. At PevGrow we love to make you happy, so you can also choose from all the designs in the pack the one you like best and buy it separately.

Clipper lighter covers

The ultimate customization of your Clipper lighter is that you have the option to choose from different types of covers, to give your personal touch to your Clipper. You can choose between:

- Silicone Clipper Lighter covers

Available for micro and standard size models, they stand out for their good grip and durability, with designs that are awesome and will make you the coolest smoker in the group. With this case the lighter cannot have a flame regulator, but it does allow recharging and the removable flint.

- Metal Clipper Lighter Cases

The metal cases are the coolest and definitely the most elegant, check out the Skull Angels. They're gonna blow your mind!

- Leather Clipper Lighter Cases

Highly appreciated by older smokers, they are totally handcrafted and can even be customized. Crème de la crème!

- Cork or Rubber Clipper Lighter Covers

Top quality, give the lighter a much more "hippie" look than the previous ones, claim your love for cannabis!

Clipper lighter accessories ?

In PevGrow you can find all the accessories that your Clipper Lighter needs to be in top shape and last for years.

Pure Clipper Gas

The Pure Clipper Gas (Isobutane) stands out precisely for its purity, since before being packaged, it has been filtered up to 12 times to guarantee maximum purity, free of practically any impurity.

It is considered the safest gas on the market, reducing the possibility of accidents, as well as a flame that stands out for its stability and durability. It comes in a 300 ml bottle.

Stuff your Clipper and forget about carrying a bunch of lighters!

Stone flint for Clipper Lighters

The stone of the lighter is the most important, as it is the one that causes the flame and as an element of wear and tear will eventually stop working, so in our Grow online you have spare stone flints available for your lighter does not stop sparking.

In fact, if you don't want to change just the stone and prefer to change the entire flint set, which is easier, you can also buy at PevGrow the Clipper Press.

Important! Remember that at PevGrow you can buy packs of 48 lighters or choose the design you like best and buy it separately. For you smokers!

Choose your favorite design and become a pro smoker with Clipper lighters. Best price on PevGrow! Collect them all!

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