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Thanks to all the work that breeders and marijuana seed producers are doing in recent years, today we can enjoy yerba with all kinds of flavors . One of those most in demand is the taste of tropical pineapple , because it has not been around for as many years as other fruity flavors, as well as being one of the most intense in the mouth. In this section we are going to collect the best cannabis seeds of the Pineapple family today, with pineapple aroma and flavor, both regular and feminized, in autoflowering format, and also rich in CBD.

Pineapple regular seeds

Pineapple haze

Very stable polyhybrid created by Barney's Farm , with a mainly sativa effect, enormous bud production both indoors and outdoors, and above all with an intense pineapple fragrance that begins to emanate mid-flowering and increases as the season progresses. maturation. If you are an Old School grower, one of those who prefer regular seeds and psychoactive potency, consider this variety.

Pina rita

These seeds are very special, because they are one of the last works of one of the most important breeders in history, Subcool . Cross of Highland Oaxaca Gold with Space Dude , which has a large part of sativa, around 80%, although its indoor cultivation does not normally last more than 70 days of flowering. Variety offered only in regular format, with a record pineapple flavor.

Best feminized seeds of the Pineapple family

C99 from Female Seeds

Cinderella 99 by Female Seeds has been in their catalog for more than 10 years, and we think it is one of the best feminized versions of this magnificent marijuana plant with the smell and flavor of tropical pineapple. The quality / price ratio is unbeatable, its cultivation is quite simple, and outdoors it is quite normal to harvest before the arrival of the dreaded autumn rains.

Pineapple Kush

This plant created by Royal Queen Seeds has everything that any cannabis grower wants to achieve, good production, large amount of resin, tight buds, fast and easy cultivation, powerful effect, and how could it be otherwise, a pineapple flavor very marked. If you try it, it is easy for it to stay with you forever.

Autoflowering seeds with pineapple aroma and flavor

Pineapple express

This name sounds familiar to you, right? and it is one of the best known thanks to the film that is also titled like that. They are automatic flowering marijuana seeds produced by Fastbuds Seeds, one of the banks specialized in this type of genetics. As a plant it is very discreet, growing more than fast, express! and with a little curing it is a herb that leaves a pineapple aftertaste that makes you fall in love.

Auto Pineapple Glue

Seeds produced by the Advanced Seeds bank, which could be said to be the automatic version of Gorilla Glue but with a pineapple flavor . The speed of cultivation is one of its strengths, since it does not need more than 65 days from germination to harvest. The resin yield is similar to that of the Original Glue, and its THC content exceeds 20%, one of the highest of all the autoflowers.

Medicinal seeds with aroma and flavor of pineapple and high CBD


The ultimate cannabis strain, the paradigm of modern cannabis breeding, a unique piece of plant engineering. 100% feminized, flowering time of less than 60 days indoors, high production of buds, resin, and essential oils, a 1: 1 ratio between THC and CBD, and a pineapple perfume that multiplies after a minimum curing period. These seeds should be protected by Unesco for their great value to humanity.

Nurse Lilly CBD

Feminized seeds that contain a very original genetics, since it is not very common to find crosses of Queen Mother or Lilly , and this variety combines both with another African sativa, Congo IBL . It contains a ratio between THC and CBD of 1: 3 and thanks to its terpene profile where the fruitiness reminiscent of pineapple predominates, it achieves an entourage effect that enhances its therapeutic properties .

Curiosities of the Pineapple family

In 2008 the film " Pineapple Express " was released, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, in this comedy, Dale (Seth Rogen) had acquired a new variety called Pineapple Express, from his camel Saul (James Franco). He referred to it as the "strongest herb he has ever smoked." Later that night, Dale witnesses a murder and quickly throws the freshly lit joint in a panic. The criminals end up finding the Pineapple Express joint, which becomes the protagonist of a part of the film.

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