Portable air compressor

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Portable air compressor for water are very important because they allow the oxygenation of irrigation, which is essential in indoor and outdoor marijuana crops. Air pumps for hydroponics are crucial because in this type of cultivation the plants receive the nutrient solution continuously, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi and other pathogens that can ruin the harvest. In this category you have at your disposal different compressors and electric air pumps to oxygenate the irrigation of your garden.

Small air compressor, with 2 outlets, 4 outlets, and up to 12 outlets

Depending on the size of the tank and the amount of water you need to oxygenate, you will have to look for a water pump and airstone with a power that can be used for those liters. The Neptune Hydroponics small air pump is ideal for aerating irrigation in marijuana crops for self-consumption of 1 or 2 M2, they have 1 outlet for airstone and can oxygenate up to 1.5 liters per minute.

If you have an indoor crop of 2 to 4 M2, it is better to install an air pump of this same brand but with 2 outputs, since it can oxygenate twice the volume of water in the same time, and has a very similar energy consumption. For indoor crops of more than 4 m2, the ideal is to install the Neptune Hydroponics NHA 12 air pump, which has 12 outlets for air stones and can aerate up to 3.500 liters per hour.

Portable air compressor for irrigation

For larger crops, air compressors are better than small air pumps. An air compressor for irrigation systems is a kind of air pump but with great power, which is why they are used in large marijuana crops or many plants, in order to oxygenate the entire nutrient solution for irrigation. There are several air compressors to choose from, with different powers and from 6 outlets to 20 outlets for airstones, so a single compressor may be enough to oxygenate the water and nutrient solution from various tanks. 

What is the best air compressor for automatic irrigation? Well, that depends on the crop that each one has, since the needs are not the same when it is necessary to water the plants of a small crop than an industrial one. What I do recommend is choosing an air pump or compressor that has plenty of power, since it is better for the water to be as oxygenated as possible to prevent the appearance of fungi and improve the availability of air in the root system of the plants. 

Air pump price

The Neptune Hydroponics NHA1 and NHA2 air pumps are very cheap, so much so that they are cheaper than 1 liter of cannabis fertilizer. They are also silent air pumps thanks to the fact that they have rubber bands on the legs to avoid the sound caused by vibration. Air compressors have a slightly higher price, but it must be taken into account that they are designed for industrial crops.

Remember that both the pumps and the air compressors are used in conjunction with the diffuser stones, and are connected by a non-toxic silicone tube that must be purchased separately. If, in addition to oxygenating the irrigation water, you want to ozonate it, you also have the Cornwall Electronics brand ozonator for water and air available, in this way you will get the best irrigation water for your favorite plants.

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