Square planters

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The choice of pot is a crucial topic when it comes to growing marijuana plants for self-consumption, either indoors or outdoors and with any type of substrate. In this category you will find the best square potsof all sizes, and you will see the advantages they have over other growing containers.

Types of Square planters available

  • Square black plastic pots
  • Square white plastic pots
  • Air Max Pot square pots
  • Square pots special transplant pots Pot on pot
  • Elongated square pots
  • Special square pots for autoflowering plants
  • Square pots 2.0 for autoflowering plants

Benefits of growing marijuana in Square planters

  • First, its square shape allows several pots to be placed together more efficiently, which saves space and makes it easier to handle the plants. This is especially useful if you are growing in a limited space.
  • Second, square pots have sharper corners, which means that the substrate inside is kept more uniform and is not as compacted as in round pots. This allows the roots to develop more efficiently and prevents nutrient starved areas.
  • Finally, square pots are generally more stable than round pots, which means they are less likely to tip over or fall over. This can be especially important if you are growing in a location where there is a lot of wind or where sudden movements can happen.

Factors to consider before choosing a Square planters

  1.  Indoor or outdoor growing? In the case of indoor cultivation, pots should be more compact in order to make better use of space. On the other hand, for outdoor cultivation, larger and more spacious pots can be used.
  1. Variety or type of marijuana: Some varieties of marijuana need more space to develop than others, especially sativas and mainly sativa hybrids. On the other hand, autoflowering plants have a shorter growing cycle, so they usually need less substrate, and in this case there are square pots for autoflowering plants that are perfect in this regard.  
  1. . Number of plants and available space: The available space and the number of plants to be grown should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate pot. If you want to grow several plants in a small space, smaller pots are recommended. If, on the other hand, a larger space is available, larger pots can be used for better root development and higher performance.
  1. Cultivation technique: in the case of the SOG technique, the use of small containers such as enlongated square pots is recommended to make better use of space and to obtain more plants. In the SCROG technique, larger pots can be used for better root development and higher yields, since in this case fewer plants are planted but they grow and branch out much more.

What size Square planter is best for growing marijuana?

That depends on many things, but to give you an idea, if you want to grow feminized marijuana seeds  in a space of 1 square meter, after germination in a Jiffy or napkins, it is recommended to use square pots of 3 liters for the growth phase. With this we ensure maximum root development and greater strength in the seedlings. For the passage to the flowering phase, it is recommended to transplant to square pots of 7 liters so that the plants can continue their growth properly. This will allow the plants to have a good development during this period since the capacity of the substrate is doubled. Under these conditions, approximately 9 plants can be placed in a growing cabinet of 1 m2.

If the cabinet is a little larger, 120x120x200 cm, up to 16 plants can be placed in 7-liter square pots, which will allow them enough space to grow. But if the grow tent is smaller, 80x80x160 cm, it is better to use 5-liter square pots to prevent the plants from growing too tall. In this space you can also place 9 plants without problem, as long as the selected variety is a hybrid with a reduced stretch of course.

Black or white square pots?

It is important to note that the color of the square pot can have a significant impact on plant growth and development. The Black square pots are ideal for outdoor growing in winter, as they attract light and heat, which helps to maintain a warmer temperature in the substrate and root system of our favorite plants.

On the other hand, The white square pots are more suitable for outdoor cultivation during hot weather. By reflecting the light, they do not absorb as much heat and prevent the roots from overheating or rotting. On the other hand, in indoor cultivation, where the light does not fall directly on the pots, the color of the pot is not so important and both black and white pots can be used, although white pots are generally used more often.

Buy cheap square flowerpots at the best price online

As you may have noticed, there are specific square pots for different ways of growing cannabis plants. Now you just have to think about your specific needs and read the descriptions of the products you have in this section so you can choose the right type of square pot for your specific needs. If you need advice when buying or using your square pots, you have to know that we are here to help you, do not hesitate to ask.

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