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Grow Trays and growing tables are very important in our indoor and outdoor gardens, so that the plants have the conditions they need to give a great harvest. Thanks to the tables and growing trays for plants we can keep the garden clean, and they allow the plants to evacuate excess water from irrigation without causing moisture problems in the root system or dirt in the soil of our crop. There are several types of growing trays and tables, some are better for hydroponics and others for crops that are flood irrigated, and in this category you have them all available.

Plastic and PVC tables for growing marijuana

Here you will find cultivation tables made with different materials and in different sizes, so that you can install the one you need in your indoor or outdoor cultivation. In indoor cultivation, the measurements of the grow tent must be taken into account, and in the case of being a room, the total square meters must be calculated and the measurements of the hallway must also be taken into account. They are cultivation tables without a drainage hole, and are perfect for keeping terrace cultivation clean because they retain all the water from the drainage of the pots. They are also ideal for flood irrigated crops, as the nutrient solution stays on the grow table until absorbed by the plants. Below you can see all the available cultivation table measures:

Grow tray 150 x 150

It is the most suitable grow tray for 1.5 x 1.5 m grow tents, it does not have a drain, making it perfect for manual or flood irrigation systems. They are made of a very resistant and durable material that can be cleaned in seconds and reused for many years.

Grow Tray 120 x 120

It is the best-selling model after the 100 x 100 cm ones, since they are used as a tray for the floor of 1.2 x 1.2 m tents, one of the most used in indoor marijuana crops for self-consumption. With these measurements you can choose both the flexible growing tray or those of the Igrow and Garland brands.

Grow tray 100 x 100

The 1 x 1 meter grow tray is the most widely used both in grow tents with these measurements, and for grow rooms and rooms of any size. Like the previous model, with these measurements you can choose between the Igrow and Garland brands, or the flexible tray that can be folded for easy transport, but if you want it for hydroponics there is one that has very similar measurements, 1.02 x 1.06 m.

Grow tray 80 x 80

If you grow in 0.8 x 0.8 M2 tents, this tray is perfect for you. With these measurements you can choose between the Garland brand or the flexible one, and in addition to being used to collect excess water from irrigation, many growers use them to carry out transplants with the intention of not dirtying the soil with substrate.

Grow tray 60 x 60

The 60 x 60 cultivation tray from the Garland brand is used as a floor in small cultivation tents, and like the previous one, many people also use it to carry out work such as transplanting, transporting cuttings, and other cultivation actions, since its measurements give it great versatility.

Trays and tables for hydroponic cultivation

This type of grow tray with drain hole is perfect for hydroponics because in the drain you can connect a tube to conduct the water that evacuates the pots to the tank, to bring the nutrient solution back to the plants using the irrigation pump. They are indoor cultivation tables perfect for flow and reflux irrigation systems, at the top of the drain is placed a filter that serves to contain possible dirt that may appear, and you have them available in many different measures.

Grow tray 2 x 1

They are the largest, therefore they are designed for large growing rooms and rooms, although they are also used as a tray for the floor of grow tents of 2.4 x 1.2 M2. They actually measure 2.02 x 1.06 m to be exact, and as they are quite long it is recommended to slope slightly towards the side that contains the drain to prevent excess water or nutrient solution from accumulating.

Other tray sizes for hydroponic cultivation

In addition to the 2 x 1 grow tray and the 1 x 1 grow tray we discussed earlier, there are smaller hydroponic grow tables available that can be used for small grows individually, and for large grows to complete spaces. Like the previous ones, the width is 1.06 m, but its length is 33 cm in one case and 63 cm in the latest model.

Support to assemble a grow table kit

The supports for cultivation trays are metal structures with legs that are used to facilitate cultivation tasks, since they allow working at a more comfortable height. There are 2 different sizes, 1.1 x 1 m and 2 x 1 m, and thanks to its low price you can assemble a grow table kit for very little money. They are assembled in just a few minutes, contain everything necessary for assembly, and can be adjusted in height to be able to slope and prevent water from stagnating.

Buy cheap growing tables and trays for marijuana plants

Now that you have seen the different models of tables and trays for cultivation, their measurements, and their different applications, all that remains is to choose the one that best suits the measurements and conditions of your crop. At Pevgrow we promise to send you this product in the shortest possible time and with the best quality/price ratio on the market.

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