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    Lighting Accessories
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Light is probably the most complex and variable environmental factor that acts on plants; These depend on light as the only source of energy, being an essential factor in the processes which occurrs naturally on marijuana development, since vegetal mass increases due to Photosynthesis biological process.

Photosynthesis is the biological process by which the plant transforms water, mineral salts, CO2 and luminic energy from the sun into sugars, chlorophyll, cannabinoids and terpenes ... is not fascinating?

Lighting systems are undoubtedly one of the secrets to get a successful indoor crop, thus, PEV Grow works with well-known brands such as Philips, Agrolite, Sylvania, Hortilight, Cool tech ... authentic state-of-the-art technology for your indoor crop.

The lighting equipment you can find at PEV Grow is a guarantee of success ..

.. There is nothing more pleasant than being able to imitate the sun energy for your plants!

In addition, every marijuana crop or any other plant needs specific lighting, we will try to help you choose the most appropriate lighting stuff to your needs.

In PEV Grow you may choose among different lighting stuff for your plants. On one hand you can find the most complete lighting kits, of course with different types of power (from 100w to 1000w), luxe kits that have been created with the best components on the market, also cooltube kits which helps you keep more stable the temperature of your indoor crop, as well as low consumption fluorescents bulbs and LED equipments for the rooting of cuttings and sprouts and for keeping mother plants.

You may also find Kits with electronic ballasts, which offer the best light performance with a reasonable consumption.

If you are a traditional grower, do not give up on the technology provided by high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) or by metal halide lamps (MH) of different levels of light such as 250, 400 and 600 watt .

An advance on the technology of metal halide is found with the new lamps of LEC technology (CMH or metal halide ceramic), which are 50% more efficient, as they dissipate the heat more efficiently besides providing a light spectrum more suitable for your plants.

As lighting stuff for your indoor, we also offer you a wide selection of reflectors and power units complemented with light rail moving systems, "easy roller" suspension chains and pulleys, electronic ballasts, sockets, plugs...etc ...

The sun will rise in your indoor garden ...