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Welcome to the amazing world of weed fertilizers handmade from the renowned brand Metrop! We are pleased to introduce you to our wide range of high quality liquid products, specially designed for agriculture, horticulture, indoor and outdoor marijuana cultivation. At Metrop we approach cultivation in a unique way, based on years of experience and testing. Our main premise is to provide your crops with exactly what they need at every stage of growth and flowering, maximizing uptake and yield.

Our revolutionary approach is based on regular analysis of the nutrients present in plant juice throughout the growth and flowering cycle. This allows us to constantly develop and improve our fertilizers, adapting them to the specific needs of your plants. At Metrop, we differentiate ourselves from other plant food suppliers by using carefully selected raw materials. These raw materials, although they may be "more expensive", do not contain cadmium or other heavy metals, and have very low levels of chlorine. As a result, you get healthier crops and end products of excellent quality, with an unmatched taste.

Also, our vegetable products are completely biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship. At Metrop, our philosophy is clear. Unlike many suppliers who offer a multitude of unnecessary products, we focus on providing you with truly effective solutions. We don't believe in wastefulness or taking advantage of growers or retailers. We understand that each growing medium requires a specific and tailored approach. For example, a plant grown in rockwool does not need the same nutrients as a plant grown in soil. Simply adjust your growing program according to the medium you use and you will see the results.

Discover our exclusive Metrop fertilizer catalog, designed to give your plants a big boost with minimal doses. Let us introduce you to some of our outstanding options:

MR1: Get ready for spectacular growth! This powerful fertilizer, made from extracts of algae and other plants, will do wonders for your crops. With only 4 ml per 10 liters of water, your plants will develop an exceptional vigor, looking compact and strong.

Amino Root: Giving your plants a powerful root system is crucial, and this is where our Amino Root stimulator comes into play. This formula promotes vigorous rooting, allowing your plants to absorb large amounts of water and nutrients. Forget about deficiencies and stress due to lack of absorption, with Amino Root your plants will be in optimal condition!

Amino Bloom: Do you want a quick phase change from growth to flowering? Amino Bloom is the solution. This complex of micronutrients and enzymes will help your plants make better use of soil nutrients, strengthening them against stressful situations such as heat and pests. You will notice how leaves and stems become denser, providing solid support for your precious crops.

Cal Green: During the flowering phase, our plants demand a large amount of calcium, and this is where Cal Green plays a crucial role. This fertilizer will perfectly complement the needs of your plants at this stage, ensuring that they do not experience deficiencies. Use it together with MR2 flowering fertilizer for optimal results.

Enzymes: Our selection of enzymes, known as Enzymes, plays a vital role in the elimination of dead roots, converting them into beneficial sugars for your plants. Also, in addition to providing carbohydrates and density to your buds, you will achieve a renewed root system, able to continue absorbing nutrients without rest.

Mam 8: If you are interested in mother plant care, our Mam 8 fertilizer is the perfect choice. Unlike growth fertilizers that only contain nitrogen, Mam 8 is a complete food that prevents yellowing and leaf spots.

At Metrop, we are proud to offer natural and highly concentrated fertilizers, which will allow you to obtain the highest quality marijuana in any growing system, whether in soil, coco or hydroponics. In short, the Metrop plant food line stands out for its honesty and effectiveness. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products that maximize the potential of your crops, without beating around the bush or cheating. So, are you ready to take your crops to the next level with Metrop fertilizers? Don't hesitate to explore our range of products and discover the difference they can make to your plants!

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