Marijuana Homemade Fertilizers, Easy and Simple

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Natural home-made fertilizers
Natural home-made fertilizers


Cannabis, like any other plant, may also need extra help for better growth.


There are natural fertilizers that you can make yourself in a simple way.


Most plants can use a fertilizer or organic substrates to help them grow healthy, vigorous and full of vitality. Natural fertilizers have been used for centuries and have served to obtain abundant, disease-free crops with spectacular growth as they provide the plant with all the minerals and organic compounds it needs to grow healthy and strong.


Here we show you some of the best known and best results give for the crop of our beloved plant. 😉


However, if you prefer to use fertilizers available on the market, remember that in our “Fertilizers and Stimulants” section you can find them at the best price.




Coffee grounds


Coffee grounds, excellent fertilizer for the growth phase.
Coffee grounds, excellent fertilizer for the growth phase.


A fertilizer for the growth phase


The use of coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer has long been well known, and it is also one of the most commonly used homemade marijuana fertilizers.


Coffee grounds are acidic and favour the development of acetic bacteria in the substrate, containing about 2% nitrogen and other organic nutrients.


A good way to prepare a good fertilizer for marijuana is to add the coffee grounds to your compost or composting tank, or spread them and mix them with the substrate that will be in contact with the roots of your plant, but you should control well the pH because they can leave the substrate too acidic.


Another way to use coffee is to dilute the coffee ground from the coffee machine in one liter of water, and let the mixture stand for 24 hours. After this time we already have a good dose of fertilizer for our plants. In this case, we do not use the sediment directly as fertilizer, but the mother water (water in contact with the unsoluble coffe ground) derived from the digestion of the sediment (sedimented coffee).


Personally, I prefer to use the sediment and mix it with the substrate, it is an excellent fertilizer for the growth phase.



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Wood ashes


Wood ash, very effective in preventing pests.
Wood ash, very effective in preventing pests.


Fertilizer for the final flowering phase


Always using wood from broadleaves trees; it’s another good natural fertilizer for marijuana. We can get the wood ashes from a barbecue made with logs or from a chimney in which we use only wood. The result of the wood combustion is a substance rich in potassium and phosphorus (10% in the form of potassium oxide), so we have a mineral fertilizer suitable for the final flowering phase, used individually or combined with some resin enhancer.


One way to prepare the ashes for fertilization is to collect it soon after the wood has burned and store it in a dry place. It’s best to apply mixed with other organic substrates as it is almost exclusively a mineral residue. Ashes are also very effective in preventing pests.


Another way to use wood ashes is as a fertilizer solution, which, as with the coffee grounds, is prepared by diluting the ashes in a little water, and let them rest for a few hours (making a breeding ground).


And now you may irrigate your cannabis plants in flowering phase with the nutrient solution. Another of the most useful homemade fertilizers for your collection.



Banana Tea


Banana tea provides amino acids assimilated by the plant
Banana tea provides amino acids assimilated by the plant


Full cycle flowering fertilizer


This fruit is known for being one of the most potassium-rich natural products. Potassium is a key element, which is used in all stages of cannabis plant development, and is also one of the three main macronutrients component of NPK (you can see it on the label), which we can all see in regular commercial fertilizers.


Potassium helps the plant assimilate sugars, starches and carbohydrates in general, which is why it is so essential for the plant’s flowering, as it helps to increase energy reserves and the construction of complex carbohydrates that give structure to leaves, stems and buds.


Potassium is also essential because it is associated with the biosynthesis of proteins related to terpenes, the absorption of water by the roots and the regulation of the stomata cell guards for its opening and closing.


In addition to this essential element, banana tea also provides amino acids assimilated by the plant so that we can say that it is an organic-mineral fertilizer.


A good way to prepare this potassium-rich fertilizer tea is to boil 3 banana peels in a liter of water, adding a little sugar. Once the mixture is cold, remove the banana peels and use the resulting liquid to irrigate our marijuana plants.


This tea is applied during the last six weeks of flowering. With this you will get up to 20% more fattening in your buds. You can also do it using honey, or molasses from sugar cane instead of pure white sugar.


A good fertilizer for marijuana, without a doubt, one of the best.



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Nettle Tea


Nettle tea is a product that provides insect repellent plant active ingredients.
Nettle tea is a product that provides insect repellent plant active ingredients.


Fertilizer of foliar application and preventive insecticide


Nettle tea (urtica urens) rather than a fertilizer is a product that provides active plant principles of repellent activity on insects such as aphids, whiteflies and mites, but can also be considered fertilizer because of its high content in organic nitrogen and mineral components.


Its application is foliar and it is very easy to prepare since we only have to follow the same steps as in the preparation of banana tea.


We may cook a good handful of nettles in a litre of water and the liquid obtained (already strained) is used to irrigate the plant.


You should be careful when collecting nettles, as they can produce skin irritation if you touch the plant directly whit no protective gloves to cut it for making an extraction or maceration.


It has a strong and characteristic smell, even there are brands of biocides/fertilizers that commercialize this type of preparations or fertilizers for cannabis as Agrobeta or General Hydroponics, even labelled as deficencies correctors . You can find it with the denomination of “Purín de ortigas” in Spain.


It’s a great product that enters us into organic agriculture as good natural fertilizers that they are.



Brewer’s yeast


Brewer's yeast, rich in minerals, amino acids and proteins
Brewer’s yeast, rich in minerals, amino acids and proteins


Multipurpose fertilizer


Brewer’s yeast has normally been promoted as an excellent food for human use, but due to its wealth of minerals, amino acids and proteins it has been proposed as an excellent organic-mineral fertilizer, qualified also as a good natural fertilizer for plants.


And don’t confuse it with baker’s yeast. The yeast that we are going to use is nutritional, and corresponds with the residue that has left the yeast alive after fermenting with barley malt.


How to use it to make organic compost for marijuana plants?


Very simple!


The preparation we can make for fertilizing consists of a small spoonful of brewer’s yeast dissolved in a liter of water, we will get another good fertilizer, in this case for cannabis in flowering phase, because it is very rich in phosphorus and potassium. Due to its high content in other minerals and organic compounds we consider it as a multipurpose fertilizer… Just use it!




Egg shell


Egg shell, calcium deficiency correcting fertilizer
Egg shell, calcium deficiency correcting fertilizer


Calcium deficiency correcting fertilizer


An excellent calcium corrector that we can use in our preparations with marijuana fertilizers are also the homemade egg shell-based fertilizers.


This type of fertilizer is used to provide extra calcium to our marijuana plants. It is prepared by crushing in a mortar among six to eight eggshells, which are then put to digest using a litre and a half of water with a few drops of a diluted aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid (you may find as Salfumant name in Spain) for 24 hours. You must measure the pH of the resulting nutrition solution that should remain around 5.0.


After that time, the remaining shells are removed and the resulting liquid is filtered.


We already have our calcium-rich fertilizer for our marijuana. Calcium deficiency is not very common in marijuana, since it is a very common component in irrigation water that is not distilled or osmotized, but bear in mind that the marijuana plant requires almost as much calcium as nitrogen, and that is why many commercial brands of fertilizers for hydroponics incorporate it in their formulas.


Mix the resulting nutrient solution with some fertilizer rich in nitrogen for the growth phase, or phosphorus and potassium for the flowering phase, although you can use it as calcium corrector directly as long as you take into account the pH value.


Adjust the pH if you have too much acidic the liquid; remember that the appropriate pH values are 5.5 for the growth phase and 6.0-6.5 for flowering. The final root washing is best done at neutral pH 7.0.



Animal faeces


Animal faeces, one of the most universal fertilizers for marijuana
Animal faeces, one of the most universal fertilizers for marijuana


Full cycle fertilizer


Although it may not seem too pleasant, animal faeces are one of the most universal fertilizers for marijuana. It is a high-quality organic fertilizer. In order to use this type of homemade fertilizer for plants, it is necessary to collect the dried animal faeces from species such as sheep, goat, horse, rabbit, and cow, some bird species are also suitable, including the famous Guano, which is obtained from bats.


Before using this type of fertilizer, you must compost it for two months or more before adding it to the substrate of your garden, since the composting process may kill the seeds of bad weeds and transforms the nutrients into more profitable nutrient form by the plant. It is a fertilizer for marijuana quite complete in macronutrients and trace elements, one of the fertilizers for plants of general use for the entire cannabis vegetative cycle.



Lentils or bean tea


Lentils or bean tea, root stimulants rich in auxins
Lentils or bean tea, root stimulants rich in auxins


Root stimulants rich in auxins


Auxins represent a very important group of phytohormones that regulate plant growth and phototropism (movement of leaves and stems in search of light), causing the branches to grow vertically by elongation of plant cells.


Auxins have been traditionally used in gel form for root development in cuttings and seedlings, as is the case of Clonex, one of the best known marijuana products, and although it is true that the Auxins work very well in synthetic form, we can also find them in nutrient solutions formed by organic products such as seaweeds, and teas made of seeds rich in auxins, as happens with certain species of beans and other vegetables.


The teas made with these natural products are simple to prepare, as they are simply based on leaving the vegetables in water for a day, until they are completely hydrated. We can also heat this blend a little to help extract the nutritious compounds, then whisk it together and the resulting paste is strained. The final water or nutrient solution, contains the nutritious extract rich in auxins, and will be ready to use on roots and cuttings.


Another eco-friendly homemade cannabis fertilizer at your fingertips!!???




Already elaborated fertilizers


And, if after reading all these ideas you don’t dare to make any of them, you will always have to go to your trustable grow shop and purchase a high quality manufactured fertilizer. In PEV Grow Shop we offer you fertilizers with specialization in hydroponic growing, showing a deep-rooted culture in nature and ecology.


One of the most complete fertilizer packs you can find at PEV Grow is the Canna Fertilizer Kit, with which you will have all the nutrients your plants need. This kit has 6 fertilizers that you can use depending on the phase of your plant is either growth or flowering.


Canna Fertilizer Kit


In any case, any brand that you choose, don’t forget to consult the fertilizer schedule charts that the manufacturer recommends, in order to optimize the results of your marijuana crop, either in yield, psychoactivity, aroma and flavor.



Canna Fertilizer Kit


With this Canna Fertilizer Kit you will have all the food your plants need to cover the full crop cycle, and of course at the best price on your Grow Shop trusted.

With this Canna Fertilizer Kit you will have all the food your plants need to cover the full crop cycle, and of course at the best price on your Grow Shop trusted.


Canna Fertilizer Kit is composed of:
– TERRA VEGA (1 Liter)
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We hope you liked this post.


Do not hesitate to share your experiences and concerns with us… and you know, if you have any technical questions do not wait any longer and call us…. we are here to serve you!??


See you at our next post! ?


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48 thoughts on “Marijuana Homemade Fertilizers, Easy and Simple”
  1. Has anyone ever used human weight gainer for flowering outdoors w 6 weeks left till harvest? Ive been growing for like 20 years i do alot of experimenting. I used mass somethin or other it had hella vitamens and molybdenum and manganese and copper iron all kind of good stuff amino acids im curious to see what will happen. I threw some ash and pears from my pear tree its lookin great

    • Hi Jade,
      Honestly, I have never used human weight gainer but all the advice from the community is good!
      We hope you will find them useful 👏

  2. 3 banana peels, boil in 1 gallon of water, for 10 min. Remove peels.

    Got it!

    Question: how much sugar (or honey) do I add?

    1 teaspoon? Tablespoon?

    Thank you!

    • Hello CS Bailey,
      You must put a whole spoonful.

      Thanks to you!

  3. I love this article! i have a couple of questions as i am a first time grower that is starting indoors. I am interested in using Coffee grounds for the growth phase and also Banana Tea during the last 6 weeks of flowering, what would you recommend for the vegetative phase? and also is coffee grounds okay to use with coco coir and perlite ?

    • Hi Michael,
      The plants in that phase need a little more nitrogen, so you can use some fertilizer rich in this.

      Greetings! I hope your first crops will be great 🍀

  4. Hi I have got a lot of yellow leaves happening. We planted in Home Depot buckets and used just black soil. We have since replanted with sheep maneuver. However they seems to be turning more yellow. If I was to make the homemade fertilizer how much of every thing should we add. We have 10 plants.

    • Sounds like they locked up make sure you check pH everytime you feed or water 6.0 is about middle

  5. Looking for information on how to use what is left over from brewing beer in my fertilizer, I had a recipe once but can not find it. But I would like further advice on using this left over product.

  6. With these methods do you have to do the preperation fresh everyday or do you prepare them and they keep for a week or so? For example, if i use the brewers yeast option, do i put the small spoonfull in a litre of water and use it everyday until it runs out, or do i have to use the whole litre that day? Do you do it everyday or just now and then? What can i use in the first 3 -4 weeks of my seeds sprouting before i move them outside, or should i just use water at this stage? It is not very clear to me, any help would be appreciated, or if anyone has time to contact me by email for example and help me out? I really want to grow as naturally as possible and have very little experience..Thankyou

    • Hello Krystina, you can keep the nutrient solution in the fridge for up to 1 month if you close the container tightly.
      Thanks to you.

  7. Hi I have just started what is the easy thing that I can make at home to give my plants so they grow good

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  9. Is the banana tea for flowering?

    • Yes Happy Girl 😉

  10. Hello, I have been budding for a about 6 weeks now I havnt used any budding food. In the early stages of plants I used 20.20.20. Can I use the banana tea for my last few weeks of budding. Or should i be using something different or nothing at all? I thank you for your time.

    • Hello Catherine, the banana tea is ideal for the flowering phase, if you did not want to use more fertilizers in the crop perhaps you could have mixed in the soil manure.


      • Hey , can i use the brewers yeast , banana peels ,egg shells or beans for autoflower marijuana plants ? And how much would you reccomend?

        • Hi!
          Yes, in both Fem and Auto, you find the measures of each of the possibilities throughout the post

      • Can i use the bannana tea and/or honey on a plant to stimulate growth after close to two months in a not so grow friendly container? Because i believe its growth was stunted due to being in a small container (cut in half gallon milk jug with miracle grow soil).
        Is it too late or can i save it? Any and all advice needed …. S.M.P!!! (save my plant).
        Thanks .

        • Hello Nick,
          You can use these fertilizers, the important thing is that you grow the plants correctly in the corresponding pot

  11. great thanks for the info and methods will definitely try and make banana tea. my plant is exactly 6 weeks away from harvesting. Greetings

  12. Excuse me sir,
    What’s a good mixture to have for the vegetative stage? And when I put coffe ground in the soil at the vegetative stage. How high should the ph be? And what else should I place with coffe grounds. Thank you. Great article

  13. Is it 3 banana peels or 3 whole peeled bananas can you also mix the two both urine and banana feet together and use also how much of this would be recommended for a seedling 3 + 1/ weeks 14 leafs two of which are tiny and just sprouted, too soon do you think I’m just using multi purpose compost. Thank you and great guid. Could do with just a touch clearer instructions but in all brilliant.

    • Use the 6 whole banana’s peel & 1 Pound Of Broccoli and cut them up in 4 gallon pot add 1/2 cup Molasses and the Shells from 12 eggs (pulverized) now add the Coffee Grounds From this Morning and Fill The Pot with Water and Bring Mixture to a Boil for 2 Hour’s then strain into 5 Gallon Bucket and Let Cool Till Next Day and after cooled Add 2 Cups Skim Milk And Now you have the best organic fertilizer Known to MAN Use Organic Tea you have made at a Ratio of 1Quart/Litre to 3 Quarts/litres of Water Use Daily you will be amazed

      • Wow!!
        I’ve scoured the web forums etc, (without any success…..until now, anyway!), for something like this – namely, a simple, easy to prepare, diy recipe for a complete set of nutrients for cannabis…..and what’s more, it’s good for use from seedling right through to harvest!
        Ok, I haven’t tried it out, so I don’t know if it works or not – but having read many recipes in the last few months, I can vouch for many of the ingredients in this recipe.
        But……in most forums/guides, they are normally listed indiviidually with their specific properties – never in combination.
        Anyway, my point is that this recipe really sounds feasible, and I shall definitely be mixing some up for my next grow.
        To the author, in anticipation of my total success with this recipe, I thank you so much. Really. Thankyou.
        I cant believe that this has remained here, and totally ignored by all readers before me, (hmmm….or maybe everyone else just copied it and moved on without comment! Lol!).
        Anyway, thanks again!
        Peace, love, happiness 🙂

        • Thank you for your comment. It is a pleasure to write for readers with such good judgment 😉
          Peace and love friend

      • #1 germinator, Please can you tell me more or less how much coffee to use, i live alone but maybe you have a big family and much more coffee than me. How long does your mixture keep for and should i cover the bucket? Should i use this everyday when i notice the top inches of soil are dry? I am new to growing and would love to do it as naturally as possible, i am growing outdoors, will any of these ingredients repel insects? Thank you

  14. How much coffee ground should I place in the soil?

    • Hi Ham,
      per litre of substrate 50 grams of coffee.

  15. Hi there , for yelloe leaves which fertilizer should i use, and which fertilizer shoud i use for vegitative stage ? Thanks

    • Hello,
      the colour of the leaves can be due to different reasons, you should find out exactly what happens to your plant.
      As for the homemade fertilizer you can use for the growing phase, I would go for coffee grounds.
      Thank you for your comment.

  16. Thank you much for the amazing info, easy to follow with perfect sub- subjects right where they should be!! Great website!!!

    • Thanks David

  17. I’ve been growing for 20 years always believed in Organics until they got overpriced this is the best site I have ever seen I’ve also learned how to make fish emulsion hydrolysate also learned how to make my own lactobacillus when the information I have learned I have an excellent formula for vegging and an excellent formula for bloom I can get all the ingredients for free extremely easy you need to know a little bit about physics but other than that simple stuff I’m in Michigan we just went recreational as of December 1st 2018 everybody over 21 can grow 12 plants this is going to be a great winter project

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    • I like to use it once yes and once not.

  20. Awesome info especially for those of us that can’t afford the fancy label stuff. How long should I boil the banana peels? And is it best to slice them up as in the photo?

    • Hi Paul,
      no need to slice them, you can put the whole shell. 10 minutes will be enough to make banana tea.

      Have a nice day.

  21. Wow, so I can use anyone or all?

    • Hi Billy,
      you can use one fertilizer for growth, another for flowering and even a root stimulant.

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    • Hello Jennifer, Thank you very much, we try to provide data that can help our grower customers.

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