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PH and EC calibration solution are essential for every grower when growing marijuana who is looking for optimal results. Correct pH measurement ensures that your plants receive adequate nutrition and can absorb the nutrients provided during watering. On the other hand, measuring EC gives you information about the amount of dissolved salts in the irrigation water, i.e. the amount of food your plants are receiving. Adjusting this amount according to each stage of growth and the needs of each plant will allow you to obtain harvests of maximum quality and quantity.

For precise control of these values, digital pH and EC meters are fantastic tools. However, it is crucial that they are properly calibrated to provide accurate readings. We recommend calibrating the devices at least once a month and keeping the readout probes moist by using a suitable storage solution. In our online store, we offer pH and EC calibration liquids in different sizes. You can purchase sachets of calibration liquid in small sizes or opt for larger bottles that will last much longer.

How to use calibration liquids for EC and PH meters

  1. Clean the meters with a toothbrush moistened with distilled water to remove any adhering residue. You can also use a specific cleaning solution recommended by your meter manufacturer.
  2. For pH meters, prepare the 4.0 and 7.0 calibration solutions. Calibrate your meter first to a low value (4.0) and then to a high value (7.0) to ensure an accurate calibration.
  3. For EC meters, simply prepare the 1.413 calibration liquid and calibrate the device according to the manufacturer's instructions.

pH calibration liquids are necessary to maintain proper operation of meters, as they provide a stable reference point for the instrument. Some meters require only one calibration point (4.0 or 7.0), while others of higher quality offer two or even three calibration points.

As for electroconductivity (EC) calibrating liquids, solutions with a specific electrical conductivity are used so that the meter can take an accurate reference of the measurement scale. EC meters are usually calibrated to a single point, with 1.413 being the most common value, although some devices use other calibration points, such as 1.288.

Why keep PH and EC meters well calibrated?

Keeping your pH and EC meters properly calibrated at all times is critical to ensuring the success of your cannabis grow. Here are some advantages of maintaining an accurate calibration:

  • Optimal plant nutrition: Accurate pH measurement allows you to adjust the acid-base balance of your irrigation water. This is crucial, as incorrect pH can hinder nutrient uptake by plants. By keeping your pH meter calibrated, you can ensure that your plants receive the necessary nutrients in the right amount, resulting in healthy growth and increased production.
  • Accurate nutrient dosing: The EC measurement provides you with information about the amount of dissolved salts in your irrigation water. By keeping the EC meter correctly calibrated, you will be able to determine the exact concentration of Mineral or organic fertilizers in the water and adjust the dosage according to the needs of your plants at each stage of growth. This will avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your plants, optimizing their development and avoiding nutrient problems in the crop.
  • Control of plant health problems: An imbalance in pH or nutrient concentration can be detrimental to your cannabis plants. If pH and EC meters are not properly calibrated, you may not be able to detect problems such as nutrient deficiencies or over-nutrient toxicity in time. Keeping your meters calibrated will allow you to accurately monitor the health of your plants and take corrective action in a timely manner.
  • Maximizing performance and quality: By keeping your pH and EC meters properly calibrated, you will be able to optimize growing conditions and achieve high quality harvests and maximum performance. Accurate measurement of these parameters will allow you to adjust environmental factors and nutrients precisely, resulting in more vigorous plants, denser and more resinous buds, and overall higher production of quality cannabis.

Make sure you have properly calibrated pH and EC meters, it is essential to obtain reliable results and maximize the potential of your marijuana crop. Do not neglect this important task and get excellent harvests!

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