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Welcome to our section of measurers of cannabis growing parameters, here you will find all kinds of devices to check PH, EC, temperature, etc.Read more

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Below, if you don't know them, we will provide you with additional information so that you can know everything about these tools.

What are measuring instruments?

When you grow a marijuana plant, you need to consider certain aspects, such as EC, pH, humidity of the space, temperature of the place, etc. That is why measuring instruments are the necessary tools to be able to control these parameters and with which you will ensure the environment for the cultivation of your plants.

How are they calibrated?

The meters used for cultivation should be calibrated as accurately as possible so that they can be used effectively and do not adversely affect the growth cycle of the growing plant.

To get a meter to work perfectly, not only do you need to calibrate it right away, but you also need to keep it clean and well-cared for, so that it stays in top condition and keeps on performing its function.

For this reason, we recommend the use of calibrated liquids, which allow you to safely calibrate each of the measuring instruments and define the pH and EC values you need for effective cultivation among the different types available.

What kind are there?

It is true that there are many kinds of instruments that will help you, to a greater or lesser extent, when it comes to controlling the cultivation of the plant. However, the basic elements you need for optimal growth are:

- The thermometers with which you will measure the temperature.

- pH and EC meters.

- The luxmeter, with which you can control the amount of light that enters.

- A tool for dosing the liquids used for calibration.

- Timers with which to control the time.

- Light measuring instruments

With the luxometers you can measure the artificial light that reaches the plant. You have to know that, to get the best performance in the growth of the plant, the lighting conditions must be very specific.

Therefore, we advise you to have some light measuring instruments that allow self-regulation in the different stages of growth, because it does not always need the same requirements.

Temperature and humidity measuring instruments

During cultivation, temperature and humidity are key elements, which you must keep under control if you want the plant to grow freely and healthily, without fungus and in the right conditions.

Thanks to the thermometers and hygrometers, you will be able to correct the conditions in which the indoor cultivation space is located. In this way, you can control that the temperature levels are between 20 ºC and 26 ºC and the humidity levels do not exceed 75%.

With these details in mind, you'll keep the plant alive.

Measuring the conductivity

With pH and EC meters you will be able to control the alkalinity and conductivity of the water and, in this way, the person taking care of the plant will be aware of the amount of nutrients it is absorbing, as well as the capacity of its roots to remove the liquid.

The latter is achieved by means of EC meters and it is essential to take this into account in order to see if the plant is being fed in a balanced way for its development.

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