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Thermo hygrometers are essential devices for marijuana growing, as they measure the temperature and relative humidity of the environment. These devices are essential to ensure proper growth and flowering of your plants, maximizing the results of your crop. In the market, you can find different types of thermo hygrometers, some with additional functions. However, their operation is similar in all of them and very intuitive. The use will vary according to the model and its characteristics, as you can find them with or without probe, and even the old analog thermohygrometers are still seen, although it is true that they are becoming less common.

Why place a thermohygrometer in your marijuana grow?

Digital thermohygrometers are especially recommended for cannabis cultivation, as they offer greater precision and resolution in measurements. They are also more reliable and versatile, allowing broader temperature measurements and being compatible with various applications. Some models can even be connected to specialized probes or record and memorize the parameters obtained.

The importance of thermohygrometers in cannabis cultivation is undeniable. Temperature and humidity are two key factors that have a direct impact on plant development. With these inexpensive devices, you will be able to know and control these data in a simple way, optimizing your growing to the maximum. It is essential to measure both temperature and humidity continuously, checking at different times of the day to be sure that the parameters are the right ones.

What is the ideal temperature and humidity in indoor cultivation?

In terms of temperature, an average of 24°C with the light on is considered ideal for the healthy growth and flowering of cannabis plants. Once the light is turned off, the temperature can be maintained at 18º C perfectly, and this interval of 6º C between the illuminated period and the dark period is similar to that found by plants in outdoor cultivation in spring.

On the other hand, in the growth stage a relative humidity that can range between 60% and 80% is recommended, while in the flowering stage it should be kept below 50%, as low as possible to prevent problems such as rot and fungi of other types.

Advantages of using thermohygrometers in indoor cultivation

  • Precise temperature control: A thermo hygrometer allows you to closely monitor the temperature of the growing environment. This is crucial, as cannabis plants have optimal temperature ranges for growth and flowering. Maintaining a proper temperature will promote healthy development and prevent problems such as heat stress.
  • Relative humidity regulation: Relative humidity is another critical factor in indoor cannabis cultivation. A thermo-hygrometer allows you to measure and adjust the relative humidity, ensuring that it is in the right range for each stage of growth. A controlled humidity level prevents problems such as mold, mildew, fungus and other diseases that can affect plant health.
  • Optimized performance: By knowing and controlling the temperature and humidity, you can create an ideal environment for growing cannabis. This allows you to maximize the performance of your plants, obtaining harvests of higher quality and quantity. Optimal conditions favor the development of dense, resinous buds with higher cannabinoid content.
  • Preventing problems and stress: The use of a thermo-hygrometer allows you to anticipate possible problems. If you detect fluctuations in temperature or humidity, you can take corrective measures quickly to prevent damage to your plants. Also, maintaining stable conditions reduces stress on plants, which contributes to their overall health and well-being.
  • Energy savings: A thermo-hygrometer helps you optimize the operation of your indoor climate and ventilation systems. By having a precise control of temperature and humidity, you can adjust the equipment efficiently, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. This translates into long-term economic savings.
  • Recorded data and analysis: Many thermohygrometers have the ability to record and store temperature and humidity data over time. This allows you to perform a retrospective analysis of the conditions in your crop and obtain valuable information to improve your growing techniques in future cycles.
  • Ease of use: Digital thermohygrometers are easy to use and read. Their display clearly and accurately shows temperature and humidity values, making it easy to monitor growing conditions. Also, some models offer additional characteristics, such as programmable alarms, which help you maintain constant control.

Also, digital thermohygrometers allow you to record the data obtained on your computer or mobile device. This gives you the ability to analyze and schedule actions based on the recorded readings. For example, if you notice that the maximum temperature exceeds 30 degrees at a certain time, you can program extra fans and extra fans to activate and operate at that specific interval.

Where is the thermohygrometer placed in indoor cannabis cultivation?

The location of the thermo-hygrometer is also crucial. Ideally, the probe should be placed at the height of the upper tips of the plants, ideally just below the light bulb. If you do not have a probe, you can hang it from the ceiling and adjust its height as the plants grow.

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