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DaVinci Tech, founded in 2011, is a brand of marijuana vaporizers that pays homage to the legendary Renaissance innovator Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by his vision and tenacity, DaVinci Tech has dedicated itself to taking the imagination of the vape world to a new level, thanks to its dry weed vaporizers and concentrates with smart design and original technology. At Pevgrow you will find the best selection of dry weed vaporizers and cannabis concentrates, such as the famous Puffco vaporizer.

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At Pevgrow, we offer you the best DaVinci vaporizers, such as the acclaimed DaVinci IQ2 and the compact DaVinci MIQRO. Join us on this tour and discover how innovation and quality come together to give you the best vape experience. Below you can see all the Da Vinci vaporizer models on the market.

Da Vinci IQ2 Vaporizer - Top 10 of 2020

The DaVinci IQ2 is one of the most outstanding vaporizers of the brand. Its sleek and compact design makes it the perfect companion for daily vaping. This device is very easy to use and fill with dry weed or concentrates, avoiding any spillage. Flavor purity is essential for an exceptional vape experience. That's why the Da Vinci IQ2 vaporizer is built with medical grade components and features a fully ceramic and airtight air duct made of zirconia, as well as a glass-coated oven, ensuring pure and delicious vapor.

One of the most innovative features of the DaVinci IQ2 is its "smart paths". These preset temperatures allow for a gradual temperature increase over 8 minutes, providing customized vape options: flavor, mind, body or rest. You also have precise temperature control with 1 degree of accuracy, and the "Boost" function to reach 210°C.

Are you a vaper who values total control over airflow? The DaVinci IQ2 has the Air Dial on the bottom, allowing you to adjust the airflow and resistance of the material you want to vape.

Da Vinci MIQRO Vaporizer - Power in Compact Format

The Da Vinci MIQRO vaporizer is the smallest portable vaporizer on the market, but don't underestimate its power. With a discreet and sleek design, the MIQRO offers three ways to control the temperature to suit your vaping preferences. The MIQRO allows you to control the temperature in three different ways: direct control, "smart paths" and Boost Mode. Enjoy a vape experience that adapts to your needs.

The DaVinci MIQRO features an interchangeable 18350 900mAh battery so you'll never run out of vape. You can also choose between two versions: Basic and Explorer, which include different accessories to suit your vape preferences.

Da Vinci V2 Vaporizer - The New Generation of Vaporizers

The DaVinci V2 is the latest release from the brand and represents the new generation of portable vaporizers. With a combination of innovative design and advanced technology, this model elevates the vaping experience to a higher level. The Da Vinci V2 vaporizer stands out for its modern and elegant design, with high quality finishes. It is a compact and lightweight vaporizer, perfect for carrying everywhere. Its reduced size does not compromise its performance, as it has a high capacity ceramic bowl for dry weeds and concentrates.

The DaVinci V2 incorporates a number of smart features that enhance the vaping experience. It has precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust it according to your preferences and the type of material you are using. Also, its long battery life allows you to enjoy several vaping sessions without recharging. Like other DaVinci vaporizer models, the V2 is designed to deliver a clean and tasty vape. Its all-ceramic air duct and medical-grade materials ensure that the vapor does not come into contact with metals or plastics, guaranteeing a pure, aromatic flavor with every hit.

Da Vinci Vaporizers for sale - The Experts' Brand

DaVinci Tech stands out for its focus on innovation and quality, creating vaporizers that offer a superior vape experience. Their products are made with medical grade materials, ensuring maximum purity and flavor in every hit.

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DaVinci Tech has revolutionized the world of vaping with its high-tech, intelligently designed vaporizers. The Da Vinci IQ2, Da Vinci V2 and Da Vinci MIQRO models offer a personalized vape experience and a pure, aromatic flavor. At Pevgrow, we have the best DaVinci vaporizers at the best price. Experience the future of vaping with DaVinci Tech and enjoy a clean and delicious vape! Buy now your DaVinci vaporizer and be part of the vape revolution!

Frequently Asked Questions related to DaVinci Vaporizers

What is a Da Vinci vaporizer?

A Da Vinci vaporizer is a portable device designed to consume dried weeds and concentrates in a clean and aromatic way by vaporization instead of combustion.

How does a Da Vinci vaporizer work?

Da Vinci vaporizers use a controlled heating system to vaporize the material without burning it. The heat generated extracts the cannabinoids and terpenes from the material, creating a vapor that is inhaled.

Which are the advantages of using a Da Vinci vaporizer?

The advantages of using a Da Vinci vaporizer include a purer and smoother taste, less odor, greater efficiency in material consumption, and reduced exposure to harmful substances present in the smoke.

Can I use the Da Vinci vaporizer with concentrates?

Yes, Da Vinci vaporizers are compatible with concentrates, such as waxes and oils, providing a versatile vape experience.

Is it safe to use a Da Vinci vaporizer?

Yes, Da Vinci vaporizers are designed with medical grade materials that ensure a safe vape experience. Also, since there is no combustion, exposure to toxins associated with smoke is reduced.

Do I need technical knowledge to use a Da Vinci vaporizer?

No, Da Vinci vaporizers are designed to be easy to use. They come with clear instructions and are intuitive to operate, making them ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.

How do I clean my Da Vinci vaporizer?

The Da Vinci vaporizer cleaning process is simple. Most models have removable parts that can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Refer to the user's manual for specific instructions.

What is the difference between the Da Vinci IQ2 and the Da Vinci V2?

The Da Vinci IQ2 and Da Vinci V2 are different models. The IQ2 offers "smart paths" technology and precise temperature control, while the V2 is the latest generation with improved features and more compact design.

Which is the battery life of a Da Vinci vaporizer?

The battery life of a Da Vinci vaporizer varies depending on the model and usage. In general, they offer long-lasting batteries that allow several vape sessions before needing recharging.

Does Da Vinci offer warranty for its vaporizers?

Yes, Da Vinci offers warranty on most of its vaporizers. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the model, so it is recommended to consult the specific information for each product.

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