Pump Spray Bottle

At Pevgrow, we offer a wide range of pressure sprayers, from manual to electric models, suitable for all types of cannabis cultivation. Our selection includes options for every need, ensuring efficient and precise application of water and nutrients, contributing to the optimal care and maintenance of your plants.

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In the Drip irrigation systems section of Pevgrow, we offer an extensive range of pressure sprayers to meet all the needs of your cannabis cultivation. Our selection includes everything from manual to electric sprayers, with various capacities to choose from, each designed to provide maximum efficiency and convenience in the care of your plants.

Manual Pressure Sprayers: Control and Precision

Manual Pressure Sprayer:

Ideal for growers who prefer detailed control in the application of water and nutrient solutions. Its design allows for precise dosing, which is essential for small plantations or for treating specific areas of your plants.

Pressure Spray Bottle:

Pressure spray bottles offer a practical and easy-to-handle solution for quick applications. They are perfect for pest treatment or localized hydration, providing an even distribution of the liquid.

Electric Pressure Sprayers: Efficiency and Comfort

Electric Pressure Sprayer:

The electric sprayers are ideal for growers with larger areas or for those who prefer not to squeeze the trigger of the manual sprayer. They offer continuous and uniform application without manual effort, making them perfect for extensive and efficient irrigation.

High-Pressure Water Sprayers: Superior Performance

High-Pressure Water Sprayer:

These sprayers are the ideal choice for large cannabis crops, where there is a need to cover extensive areas efficiently. Their powerful mechanism provides deep and uniform irrigation, ensuring that each plant receives the necessary attention.

Low-Pressure Sprayers: Gentle Care for Delicate Plants

Low-Pressure Sprayer:

Designed for more delicate applications, these sprayers are perfect for young or sensitive plants. Their gentle pressure ensures that the plants do not suffer from stress due to excessive or abrupt watering.

Variety in Capacities: Sprayers from 1 to 5 Liters or even more

1 Liter and 2 Liter Pressure Sprayer:

These models are ideal for growers with limited space or for those who require mobility and ease of handling. Their compact size makes them perfect for targeted and precise applications. The 2-liter pre-pressure sprayers are the top sellers for cannabis self-cultivation.

5 Liter Pressure Sprayer:

A 5-liter pressure sprayer combines capacity and convenience, being an excellent choice for growers with plants at different stages of growth or for those looking for a balance between efficiency and handling.

Buy pressure sprayer at the best online price at Pevgrow

You have seen the great variety of models and different capacities of pressure sprayers. Now it's up to you to choose the model that best suits your personal needs. Read the descriptions of each product and buy at the best price in our grow shop.


What is a Sprayer and What is it For?

We explain the function of sprayers in the care and maintenance of your cannabis plants, highlighting the importance of proper hydration and nutrient application. A sprayer is a tool that disperses liquids in the form of very fine droplets, and is used for watering, applying fertilizers, insecticides, or fungicides foliarly.

Pressure Sprayer Not Working What's Happening?

It could be due to nozzle blockage, air leaks, valve or pump problems; those are the most common causes.

What Types of Sprayers are There?

We detail the differences between types of sprayers, including manual, electric, high and low pressure, different capacities, and their application in different cultivation contexts.

How to Choose a Sprayer?

We provide tips for selecting the right sprayer, taking into account the size of your cultivation, the specific needs of your plants, and your comfort during use.

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