Coconut charcoal

At Pevgrow, we offer both natural and quick-lighting hookah charcoal to meet all your needs. The natural charcoal, ideal for a long and pure smoking session, and the quick-lighting, perfect for convenience and speed, ensure an optimal hookah experience.

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Choosing the right hookah charcoal is essential for an optimal experience with your hookah or shisha. At Pevgrow, we help you select the best charcoal for your needs, offering options that make a difference in flavor, smell, and smoking quality.

Types of Hookah Charcoal: Natural and Quick-Light

Natural Charcoal

Natural charcoal, typically made from coconut shell or bamboo wood, is the preferred choice of enthusiasts. This type of charcoal is known for its high heat intensity and compact ash, which facilitates efficient and clean combustion. Although it requires an external heat source to light, such as a burner, its uniform combustion and the pure flavor it provides make it ideal for prolonged, high-quality sessions.

Quick-Light Charcoal

Quick-light charcoal ignites quickly with a standard lighter, making it a practical option for outdoor smoking or for those seeking convenience. However, its duration is shorter and it can affect the taste of the tobacco due to the chemicals used in its manufacture.

How to Choose the Best Charcoal for Your Hookah?

The choice between natural and quick-light charcoal depends on your personal preferences and the situation in which you will be smoking. If you are looking for a purer flavor experience and longer sessions, opt for natural charcoal. If you prioritize convenience and ease of use, especially outdoors, quick-light charcoal is your best option. Now that you know how to choose the best charcoal for your hookah, take a look at all the products we offer and choose yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if you don't have hookah charcoal?

If you don't have hookah charcoal, you can use natural lump charcoal, although it is not ideal. Make sure it is fully lit and flameless before using it.

How many charcoals are in a kilo?

The number of charcoals in a kilo depends on the size and shape of the charcoal. Generally, a kilo can contain between 60 and 80 pieces of charcoal.

How to heat hookah charcoals without a burner?

To light natural charcoal without a burner, you can use a gas stove or grill. Place the charcoals directly over the flame until they are completely lit.

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