60 cm ø Planters

60 cm ø pots in plastic and fabric, available in white and black. Perfect for efficient cannabis cultivation, they promote optimal root growth and adaptability to any environment.

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Welcome to your favorite grow shop, bringing you the best cannabis cultivation products with the best quality/price ratio on the market. One of the essential elements in any cultivation are the outdoor and indoor pots, and 60 cm diameter pots represent an ideal choice for both novice and expert growers. Available in materials such as plastic and fabric, and in colors like white and black, these pots offer versatility and significant benefits that we will analyze below.

Features of 60 cm ø Planters


  • Plastic: The 60 cm plastic Planters are lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. They are ideal for growers who need to move their plants frequently or adjust the setup of their growing space. Additionally, they are usually more economical and are available in a variety of colors, which helps to adapt to different growing styles.
  • Fabric: The 60 cm fabric pots allow better aeration of the roots and more uniform water distribution. These features are crucial to prevent over-watering issues and to promote a more robust and healthy root system. Moreover, the fabric helps maintain the roots at an appropriate temperature, avoiding overheating.


  • White: The white pots reflect sunlight better, which helps keep the roots cool in warm climates or in direct sun exposure.
  • Black: Although they may absorb more heat, the black pots are ideal for cooler climates or for indoor cultivation where the temperature can be more easily controlled.

Benefits of Using 60 cm ø Planters

  • Versatility: Their size makes them suitable for a wide variety of cannabis plants, from compact indica varieties to taller sativas.
  • Root Handling: They allow extensive root development, which is essential for good nutrient absorption and to support larger and more productive plants. Being round pots, the roots do not collapse at the corners.
  • Reusable: Both plastic and fabric pots can be reused after proper cleaning, making them a sustainable and economical option.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these pots can be used in a variety of cultivation settings, easily adapting to the specific needs of the grower and the environment.


  1. What type of pot is better for cannabis cultivation, plastic or fabric?
    The choice depends on the growing environment and personal preferences. Fabric pots offer better aeration and are ideal for avoiding over-watering issues, while plastic pots are more durable and easier to move.
  2. How does the color of the pot affect plant growth?
    The color of the pot can influence the temperature of the roots. White pots can be beneficial in warm climates by reflecting sunlight and keeping the roots cool, whereas black pots are suitable for cooler climates.
  3. Can I use 60 cm ø Planters for indoor cultivation?
    Yes, these pots are perfectly suitable for indoor cultivation, provided there is enough space to accommodate their size and the environment is properly controlled.
  4. Is it necessary to use saucers under 60 cm ø Planters? 
    Yes, it is recommended to use pot saucers to catch excess watering water, which helps keep a clean cultivation area and reduces the risk of moisture-related diseases.
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