Fabric pots

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Dive into the world of fabric pots and discover why more and more growers are opting for this innovative option. Dare to step out of the conventional and experience the benefits of growing with fabric pots for exceptional harvests.

The revolution in materials: fabric pots that make a difference

Fabric pots are the latest trend in the growing world. Gone are the rounds or square pots made of plastic, clay, resin, or ceramic. Fabric pots offer superior breathability and efficiency in controlling temperature and promoting optimal root development.

Their thermal insulation protects roots from heat and cold fluctuations, while their breathable design keeps plants cool and healthy. Combine these textile pots with the beneficial micro-life application and you'll get the best root system you've ever seen.

Irresistible advantages: why choose fabric pots

  • Better root system: They encourage the growth of dense, healthy and branched roots, resulting in more vigorous plants. They also provide a natural-like growing environment, far outperforming conventional plastic, clay or ceramic pots.
  • Stress-free transplanting: Transplanting cannabis plants can be a complicated and stressful process for both species and growers. However, fabric pots simplify this process. With their clever design, the roots can pass through the pot and spread throughout the substrate, without the need to remove them before each transplant. This reduces stress on the plants and avoids possible damage from handling.
  • Natural pruning: With fabric pots there is a natural phenomenon that does not occur with other types of pots for cannabis, and that is that thanks to its textile material root pruning occurs spontaneously when they reach the walls or floor.
  • Prevention of fungus: The fabric with which these pots are made allows a great oxygenation of the substrate, something that helps a lot in the prevention of pythium, fusarium, and other types of fungi that attack the roots.

Size matters: choose the perfect pot for your crop

The right size of the pot is essential for optimal growth of your plants. We offer you a wide range of sizes, from 1 to 50 liters capacity. Find out which is the ideal size taking into account the genetics of your seeds and whether you grow outdoors or indoors. Don't miss the opportunity to choose the perfect pot for your plants.

Size and capacity of fabric pots

  • 1 Liter - Height 12 CM - Diameter 10 CM
  • 3 Liters - Height 16CM - Diameter 13CM
  • 7 Liters - Height 17CM - Diameter 18CM
  • 10 Liters - Height 24 CM - Diameter 27 CM
  • 15 Liters - Height 28CM - Diameter 30CM
  •  25 Liters - Height 30CM - Diameter 35CM
  •  50 Liters - Height 37 CM - Diameter 45 CM

Buy fabric pots for your marijuana cultivation at the best price online at Pevgrow

Transform your growing experience with fabric pots, the innovative choice of the most exigent growers. Enjoy optimal root development, superior temperature control and easy transplanting - don't miss the opportunity to enhance your plants! Take the step and buy now your fabric pots to grow with excellence, your garden will thank you for it!

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