Air-Pot Planters

Pevgrow's Air-Pot planters enhance root development and maximize the growth of your cannabis plants thanks to improved root aeration. Available in sizes ranging from 1L to 38L. Buy now and optimize your cultivation!

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At Pevgrow, we always strive to offer you the best tools to maximize the potential of your crops. Today we want to introduce you to the Air-Pot planters, an innovative solution for growing weed that ensures healthy and vigorous plant growth.

What are Air-Pot planters and how do they work?

Air-Pot planters are indoor and outdoor planters specially designed to enhance the root development of plants. These planters have a perforated and conical structure that allows for greater root oxygenation and prevents spiral root growth, which is common in traditional planters.

Air-Pot planters are made from recycled plastic and feature a cylindrical design with walls full of conical holes. This unique design promotes air pruning of the roots, resulting in a healthier and denser root system. Each Air-Pot planter kit includes the base, sidewalls, and assembly screws, making it easy to assemble.

Available Models and Sizes

At Pevgrow, we offer a wide variety of sizes to suit all stages of your plant's growth:

What are Air-Pot planters used for?

Air-Pot planters are ideal for growing weed both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for any stage of plant growth, from rooting cuttings and seedlings to the flowering and harvesting stages. They fit perfectly into all grow trays and are ideal for growing in grow tents. These planters are also suitable for other types of plants that require good root development.

How to Use Air-Pot Planters? Step-by-Step

  1. Assembly: Assemble the sidewalls around the base and secure them with the included screws.
  2. Filling: Fill the planter with your preferred substrate, ensuring that the substrate is well-aerated.
  3. Planting: Plant your seeds or cuttings in the substrate.
  4. Watering: Water regularly, ensuring that the water drains well through the holes in the planter.
  5. Maintenance: Monitor root growth and adjust watering according to the plant's needs.

Advantages and Benefits of Using Air-Pot Planters

  • Better root development: Roots are automatically pruned upon contact with air, promoting a more branched and healthy structure.
  • Increased oxygenation: The holes in the walls allow for greater oxygen intake, essential for healthy root growth.
  • Prevention of spiral root growth: The conical design prevents roots from growing in circles, improving nutrient and water absorption.
  • Increased growth and yield: Plants grown in Air-Pot planters tend to be larger and more productive due to better root health.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes, they are suitable for all stages of growth and types of crops.

Usage Tips

  • Proper watering: Due to increased oxygenation, plants in Air-Pot planters may require more watering than those planted in traditional planters.
  • Use of aerated substrates: Opt for substrates that maintain good aeration to maximize the benefits of Air-Pot planters.
  • Continuous monitoring: Observe your plants' growth and adjust growing conditions as needed to achieve the best results.

Buy Air Pot Planters at the Best Price Online at Pevgrow

With Pevgrow's Air-Pot planters, your weed plants will grow stronger and healthier, ensuring abundant and high-quality harvests. Don't wait any longer and enhance your grow with Air-Pot planter technology. Buy now and take your cultivation to the next level!

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