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Grow trays are an essential element for your marijuana plants, just like lighting equipment or extractors. They allow you to collect excess water after watering to reuse it or simply pour it down the drain. There is a wide variety of sizes and models of trays adapted to your pots and the space available in your grow room or tent, both for small and large crops. Before buying a grow tray, it is important that you get all the necessary information.

What are marijuana grow trays?

Marijuana grow trays are essential tools in the world of cannabis cultivation. They are containers specially designed to help maintain hygiene in the growing environment, among other things, allowing you to collect excess water after watering and use it again or dispose of it properly. These trays come in different sizes and models, adapting to your pots and the space available in your grow room or tent.

Their main function is to provide a clean and tidy environment for your plants, avoiding excessive drainage, clutter and direct contact with the soil. With grow trays, you can maximize the use of water and nutrients, prevent the appearance of fungi and pests, and maintain an optimal environment for the healthy growth of your marijuana plants. Find out how these trays can boost your crop and get quality harvests before choosing the grow tray you want to buy.

Advantages of using grow trays for marijuana

When it comes to growing marijuana, every detail counts. And one tool you can't overlook are the growing trays. These trays have become an indispensable ally for growers, thanks to the numerous advantages they offer. Here are some reasons why you should consider using grow trays for your marijuana crops:

  • Impeccable order and organization: Growing trays allow you to maintain optimal order in your growing space. By placing your pots on the trays, you prevent them from scattering and creating a mess. Also, you can assign a specific space for each plant, which facilitates individualized monitoring and access to each plant.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: One of the most outstanding advantages of growing trays is their ease of cleaning. By collecting excess water and nutrients that leach out during irrigation, the trays prevent ponding or residue on the floor. This simplifies the cleaning of your growing area and reduces the possibility of unwanted fungi, bacteria or pests.
  • Efficient use of water and fertilizers: Thanks to the cultivation trays, you can make the most of the water and fertilizers you use on your crops. Excess water is collected in the trays, allowing you to reuse it in future irrigations or pour it in a controlled manner. Also, by preventing nutrients from being lost to the soil, you can maximize the yield of your fertilizers, achieving a perfect balance for your plants.
  • Isolation and protection: By elevating your pots on the trays, the plants are isolated from the soil. This prevents them from being affected by sudden changes in temperature, humidity or contaminants present in the soil. Also, by keeping the pots in a controlled environment, the chances of root entanglement or clogging are reduced, thus promoting healthy and vigorous growth.
  • Prevention of fungi and pests: Water ponding in the soil can be a breeding ground for the proliferation of fungi and pests. However, by using growing trays, you avoid ponding and stagnant water, significantly reducing the risk of fungal diseases and unwanted pests. This aspect is especially relevant for maintaining the health and well-being of your plants throughout the growing cycle.

Types of trays for growing marijuana

Big grow trays:

Not all trays are designed for large crops, so you must find one that fits perfectly to the space you will allocate for cultivation. Some grow trays of 100 x 100 and 120 x 120 stand out for being spacious, made of high quality plastic, having a smooth surface that facilitates cleaning and a depth of 12.

Flood watering trays:

Inside the world of grow trays, there are customized tables for your plants that stand out for their efficiency and additional benefits. These trays can be made of different materials, such as plastic or metal. Among them, we find:

Square trays:

Square grow trays are the traditional trays presented in different sizes for use with plants. They have basic characteristics and performance, but are especially useful for collecting water drained from irrigation or for transporting plants due to their resistance.

Custom Roll Tray trays:

Roll Tray trays are designed for both small and large crops, and stand out for being foldable. They are in great demand due to their characteristics, such as the possibility of cutting them to adapt them perfectly to the place where you need them. They are used in gardens, indoor tents and even suitcases for easy transport. They have a height of 6.5 cm and a maximum width of 1m, but you can choose the total length you need. Importantly, they come with all the necessary mounting clips and rivets to ensure that water does not leak out of the container.

Flexible rubber trays:

These innovative trays have the same functionalities as normal trays, but with the advantage of being totally flexible and made of rubber. You can roll them up when not in use, store them in small spaces or transport them discreetly. They come in various sizes and are ideal when pots are on the ground, as they provide greater stability. Also, the flexible rubber growing trays are watertight and very easy to clean.

Flexi Tray brand grow trays:

These trays stand out for their great flexibility. You can roll them up for storage, which makes them easy to transport and saves space, even in large volumes. Some of Flexi Tray's most popular models are the 117 x 40 x 4 cm black grow tray, made of quality plastics and with a stand to add legs if desired, and the 110 x 55 x 4 cm black grow tray, ideal for sizable crops and accommodating up to 20 pots of 5 liters or more, but smaller in diameter.

Folding trays:

These flexible and foldable trays are very practical, available in 1m x 1m and 1.2m x 1.2m sizes, but they can be cut and adapted to your space, always keeping the square or rectangular shape. They are very discreet and serve the same function as the more rigid trays, as they are watertight and prevent water from escaping, keeping your floors clean and saving you time. If you are an experienced grower, you can use them for capillary irrigation, being highly effective.

Are there other models of grow trays for cannabis plants?

In addition to these that I put you above, there are other models of growing trays that contain drainage and are ideal for hydroponic crops, as they can be placed on a tank or allow the connection of a tube to lead the excess water to where we want, back to the tank or directly discard it, depending on whether it is a flow / ebb circuit. This other type of cultivation trays are called Cultivation Tables and we have a lot of different sizes to choose from.

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In short, grow trays are the perfect complement for any marijuana grower looking to maximize the potential of their plants. Their impact on tidiness, cleanliness, resource utilization and prevention of phytosanitary problems is undeniable. Discover the power of impeccable organization, easy maintenance and exuberant growth! Click now and buy your growing trays, because your plants deserve the best. Don't wait any longer to harvest the fruits of an efficient and successful cultivation!

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