Lollipops Cannabis Pop

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Lollipops Cannabis Pop


Lollypop, lollypop, lollypop! Pevgrow brings you authentic marijuana flavored lollipops, 100% gluten, lactose and psychoactive substance free. Coming from the Netherlands, these Cannabis Pops will delight all lovers of our beloved plant. They are perfect gifts for every self-grower and a delicious way to enjoy those flavors we love so much, anytime, anywhere. You can buy them online now! They are available in single units or in formats of 200 units in bag or box. 

Traditionally, these sweets were only available in Amsterdam coffee shops. They are very popular at rave parties, cannabic fairs and other events that bring together enthusiasts of this millenary plant. Want to add a special touch to your next harvest? Invite all your friends to try it and offer them one of these candies. We're betting no one will be able to resist ;).

You should also know that these candies do not have any psychoactivity, so their consumption is 100% legal and you can take them with you, wherever you want. Nor are they medicinal sweets, since they do not contain CBD or other substances related to the therapeutic properties of marijuana. But they are exquisite and their taste will be familiar.

As always, at Pevgrow we are committed to top quality products at the best price. Contact us and we will tell you everything you need to know. With love and all the guarantees. Let's enjoy ourselves!

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These are its ingredients:

Glucose syrup.
Acidifying agent.
Natural aroma.

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