Hemp Tea

Hemp Tea

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Sexual Hemp Tea

The Sexual Hemp Tea is ​​an aphrodisiac, stimulating, revitalizing and antioxidant that will help make your intimate moments, whether alone or with a partner, much more exciting.

These days, responsibilities, long work hours, and day-to-day stress can reduce libido. This mixture of herbs will help counteract this situation, increasing sexual desire and providing a lot of energy so that the encounters last longer. Best of all, you find it available at Pevgrow.

Characteristics of the Sexual Hemp Tea

This mixture of herbs is made with the leaves, flowers and seeds of 100% organic hemp, so its consumption is completely safe as it is free of pesticides and heavy metals. It consists of:

  • Hemp: improves circulation, which promotes blood flow in the body, specifically in erogenous zones such as the male private parts.
  • Cinnamon: this spice is used as a natural aphrodisiac, increases libido and, like hemp, improves circulation, preventing erectile dysfunction.
  • Lemon balm: this herb helps to increase sexual desire in women, favoring the overcoming of frigidity and increasing the desire to have sexual relations.
  • Strawberries: strawberries contain enzymes and compounds that promote the production of sex hormones, improve erections and activate blood circulation.
  • Cardamom: stimulates the nervous system, which reactivates sexual cells thanks to the zinc it contains, awakening sexual desire, eliminating impotence or lack of libido.

Hemp Tea Cleaner

The Hemp Tea Cleaner will help you improve your digestion and purge your body of toxins, relieving symptoms such as heaviness or stomach inflammation, and also prevents premature aging. For all these reasons, it is ideal to add to your daily diet.

At Pevgrow we take care to offer only the best to our customers, and you can be sure that this herbal mix is ​​part of this reality.

Characteristics of the Hemp Tea Cleaner

This herbal mixture is based on the leaves, flowers and seeds of 100% organic hemp with European certification. It does not contain THC, so it does not generate psychoactive effects, and it is totally free of pesticides or heavy metals.

It is composed of different herbs with various health benefits, among them we have:

  • Hemp: it is high in fiber, recommended to combat constipation, cleanse the digestive system and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Orange tree leaves: combat different problems of the digestive system such as diarrhoea, heaviness, gas or poor digestion.
  • Thyme: it is a natural antispasmodic, so it minimizes gastrointestinal discomfort caused by colic or gas.
  • Valerian: Helps minimize the time it takes to fall asleep and promotes deeper rest by reducing levels of agitation and nervousness.
  • Jasmine: has a sedative effect, regulates blood pressure and therefore circulation, also improves stomach defenses and promotes better digestion.
  • Lemon rind: it is ideal to alleviate the symptoms of gastritis.

Night Hemp Tea

The Night hemp tea is a relaxing, anxiolytic and antioxidant that will help you fall asleep and have a deeper and more restful rest. It is one of the best marijuana to sleep.

At Pevgrow you have it available, and we highly recommend it to people who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, stress, insomnia or sleep disorders. However, it can also be consumed by anyone who wants to rest peacefully after a long day.

Characteristics of the Night Hemp Tea

This herbal blend is made from 100% organic hemp leaves, flowers, and seeds, which means it's free of pesticides and heavy metals. Likewise, it does not contain THC, so its consumption does not generate psychoactive effects. Its ingredients are:

  • Hemp: thanks to its CBD content, it helps to relax and calm the anxiety that insomnia can cause. Lavender: it is a natural sedative that helps to fall asleep faster.
  • Melissa: helps treat depressive states, nervous, headaches and insomnia.
  • Oregano: its intake before bed is recommended, since it promotes the relaxation of the body thanks to its sedative properties, indicating for cases of anxiety and nervousness.
  • Chamomile: contains apigenin, a chemical compound that binds to GABA receptors in the brain and causes drowsiness.
  • Passionflower: it has flavonoids such as chrysin, which is a neurotransmitter that inhibits the central nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety, improving mood and promoting better rest.

How to consume hemp tea?

Any variety of tea that we offer you can be consumed in infusions, vaporized or smoked mixed with tobacco or marijuana, either through a joint, or any variety of bong or pipe.

You try Sexual hemp tea a few minutes before a passionate encounter and it will surely be an experience that you will not forget, the Cleaner is perfect to accompany any time of the day and of course, the Night anyone who wants to have a better rest can take it before go to bed.

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