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ATMOS Sub Vers TF Atomizer
  • ATMOS Sub Vers TF Atomizer

ATMOS Atomizer

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ATMOS Sub Vers TF Atomizer

Now available in our Pevgrow catalogue, your most trusted online growshop, the ATMOS Sub Vers TF Atomizer. With this atomizer you can connect to the 510 batteries, come by our online shop and discover it.

This cartridge is capable of holding up to 3.5 milliliters of e-liquid, choose the one you like and get ready for a different sensory experience. It also has the ease of pouring, as you can introduce the liquid to vapear on top of the atomizer, this way you save on product, as it is much more difficult to spill and therefore waste it. A good e-liquid is to be tasted and enjoyed to the fullest.

The sub-ohm atomizer, 0.5 ohms, contains a pure organic wick from Japan, this detail makes it possible to create huge clouds of very tasty steam. And with an adjustable ring, you can have fun playing with the airflow by simply turning it around.

This atomizer has many advantages and its main features of this cartridge are: the connectivity with the 510 batteries, the capacity of 3.5 ml of e-liquids and its adjustable flow of easy handling.

Remember that you can buy it right now in a very comfortable way from home. Stop by our online store and enjoy the best e-liquids with an intensity you've never tried before.


ATMOS Sub Vers TF Atomizer Features:

- Connectable with 510 batteries
- 3.5ml liquid capacity
- Adjustable air flow



ATMOS Pro T Mini V2 Atomizer

Now you have this electric device at your disposal in PevGrow that will allow you to enjoy the scent of the essences of your favorite cannabis anywhere, and which can be classified among the best atomizers for e-liquid vaporizers on the market. The ATMOS Pro T Mini V2 atomizer is elegant and durable and is compatible with all Ego batteries.

It is easy to use, easy to dismantle for cleaning and maintenance, and its parts are completely replaceable. Its tank can hold a large amount of e-liquid, with a capacity of 1.5 milliliters, and can also be used for the consumption of other types of oils. Its striking chrome finish makes it a practical, attractive and versatile instrument.

It is, without doubt, a great option for all those who, like you, have joined the fashion of vapeo and bet on a less smoke-filled environment, but without giving up the exquisite aroma of cannabis. At the touch of a button, the aromatic load is sprayed from the ATMOS Pro T Mini V2 atomizer.

Do not hesitate any more and get your atomizer at PevGrow, you will not regret buying this piece for your atomizer and you will be able to enjoy those essences that you like so much with reliable and quality products. As you know, it's not only stylish, it's also easy to use and dismantle.


ATMOS Pro T Mini V2 Atomizer Features:

Compatible with Ego batteries
Chrome finishings
Large capacity tank (1.5 ml)
e-liquids and other types of oils



ATMOS S12 Atomizer

The ATMOS S12 Atomizer is one of the best solutions for those who, like you, have already joined the vapeo fashion. It's an eco-friendly, non-intrusive way to continue to enjoy the scent of your favorite smokeless cannabis.

This atomizer is compatible with batteries type 510 and it is possible to consume with it also other types of oils, not only e-liquids. It is a completely removable cartridge, which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. In addition, it has a ring system on the bottom to allow you to regulate the air flow during suction.

If you are interested in e-liquid vaporizers, with this atomizer you will be more than satisfied and you will be able to enjoy any type of essence with a total guarantee of quality. This piece is in charge of vaporizing the aromatic load that you have chosen in an efficient and fast way, without a doubt, an article that no lover of vapeo should miss.

So, we encourage you to get your ATMOS S12 atomizer and enjoy any essential oil, as it allows you to consume any kind of essence. Join this movement and keep tasting your cannabis leaving smoke-free spaces and taking care of your health, above all, what are you waiting for?


ATMOS S12 Atomizer Features:

Connection 510
Works with e-liquids or other oils
Adjustable airflow
Completely removable

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