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Advanced Nutrients
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PevGrow presents the new pack of fertilizers that will take your crop to the next level, the Advanced Pack of Advanced Nutrients, ideal for those who already have some experience in growing cannabis.

In the Advanced Pack of Advanced Nutrients, you will be able to choose between different bases, depending on the phase of culture that you think it is convenient to promote more, based on the variety that you are going to cultivate, and it comes with a series of incorporated additives that will contribute to your plant the nutrients and necessary elements to become a champion.


The bases that you can choose within the Advanced Pack of Advanced Nutrients are:


- Micro Ph Perfect - Grow Ph Perfect - Bloom Ph Perfect:

This base is composed of 3 fertilizers, which are valid for all the phases of cultivation of your cannabis plant, altering only the necessary quantities of each one of them, for the different phases. All of them have been created with the perfect PH technology of Advanced Nutrients, which is that after being diluted, the PH is automatically regulated, remaining at perfect levels so that the plant can absorb all the nutrients.


- Sensi Grow A+B Ph Perfect:

So that during the growth phase, your plant obtains the necessary micronutrients and nitrogen to obtain a strong and vigorous growth, use without doubt this base. It will give you the foundation for a brutal harvest.


- Sensi Bloom A+B Ph Perfect:

Unlike the previous one, this base has been designed to provide your plant with everything it needs during the flowering phase, so that it is not lacking in one of the critical stages of the crop, since the correct growth of the buds depends on it.


- Connoisseur Grow A+B Ph Perfect:

With this base, you will contribute to your crop, the macro and micronutrients it needs to obtain a remarkable vegetative growth, growing fast and acquiring a size above its normal average, which will of course give you a greater amount of buds.


- Connoisseur Bloom A+B Ph Perfect:

Another of the bases belonging to the Connoisseur range is this one, but this time intended for the flowering phase and composed of a mixture of amino acids and poly-alcohols that will promote a safe and very active flowering stage, as the poly-alcohols are responsible for activating the internal circuits of plants.


The Advanced Pack of Advanced Nutrients consists of the following additives:


- Big Bud:

Stimulator of the period of flowering, more concretely of the phase of pre flowering, and you will have to use it until the 2-3 week of the stage. It provides more developed shoots and with very numerous pistils.


- Bud Candy:

Additive designed specifically for the second stage of flowering, and provides your plant, magnesium, carbohydrates and calcium, causing the amount of resin generated by your plant to multiply significantly, as it causes the appearance of many trichomes in the flowers, influencing very positively on the flavor of the buds it will produce.

- Overdrive:

This additive should be used in the final stage, in the fattening of the buds, to finish outlining a perfect crop, and provide your plant with the extra phosphorus and potassium it needs to give that last push to the buds and acquire the maximum expression.


- Voodoo Juice:

With Voodoo Juice, you will have the best ally to help your plant in the rooting phase. This additive is composed of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria, which help the roots to grow faster and will therefore result in greater growth and a greater production of buds.


- Bud Ignitor:

Flowering Stimulator, which helps your plant start 5-10 before the flowering period and therefore save a considerable time of cultivation, so it is perfect for the most impatient. Indoors you will have to use it when you change the photoperiod and outdoors when you go from summer to autumn.


Now that you know the Advanced Pack of Advanced Nutrients, what are you waiting for? Visit your trusted online Growshop, and Buy It!

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