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Choco Auto

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Discover the Choco Autoflowering marijuana seeds from Sensi Seeds. This strain is known for its genuine and original aroma and its overwhelming potency. If you are looking for an easy to grow strain that will provide you with high quality buds, read on to find out everything you need to know about Sensi Seeds Choco Autoflowering seeds.

What are the genetics of these autoflowering seeds?

The Choco Autoflowering from Sensi Seeds is a cross between Thai x Chocolope x Haze, which makes it a polyhybrid with 80% sativa and 20% indica containing only the ruderalis genes that allow autoflowering. This means that it is a variety that combines the best of the sativa strains, such as its cerebral effect and its intense aroma, with the ease of cultivation of the autoflowering varieties.

What does Sensi Seeds Choco Autoflowering look like?

This autoflowering cannabis plant is easily recognizable by its tall and thin growth, with a structure of long and thin but very resistant branches. Its buds are large and moderately compact, with a thick layer of resin covering both the calyxes and their adjacent leaves. As for the color, the buds of the Choco Autoflowering of Sensi Seeds have an intense green tone, with orange pistils that protrude from them and create a very nice contrast.

How to grow these seeds indoors and outdoors?

The autoflowering seeds Choco Autoflowering of Sensi Seeds are a good choice for beginner growers, as they are easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, and with minimal care will give you a good harvest. Indoors, we recommend a photoperiod of 18/6 during the whole life of the plants to obtain the best results. It is possible to put 12 plants/m2 in pots of 11 liters, and it is recommended to use trichoderma and/or micorrizas  to accelerate the growth of the roots.

Outdoors, this variety is suitable for temperate climates, but it can be grown all over the world, depending on the environmental conditions. The performance will depend on the amount of light and substrate, as well as the feeding that is given. The ideal is to plant in pots of 20 or 25 liters as minimum, and if the plants become very high it is recommended to put tutors to reinforce its trunks.

When is Choco Autoflowering harvested?

Sensi Seeds Choco Autoflowering has a short flowering time of between 75 and 85 days from germination to harvest, both indoors and outdoors, although indoors is usually harvested earlier than outdoors.

How much do these seeds produce?

Indoors, these seeds can produce around 400-450 grams per square meter, with a height between 100 and 140 cm. It is important to keep in mind that these plants need a good supply of light and nutrients to reach their full production potential. Outdoors, Choco Autoflowering plants can reach a height of 100-180 cm and produce around 100-125 grams per plant.

What is the aroma and flavor of Choco Autoflowering yerba mate?

The aroma and taste of Choco Autoflowering seeds is a unique and complex experience, which is combined with an exceptional potency. The aroma of these flowers has hints of cocoa, sandalwood and tropical fruits, which creates a pleasant and sweet sensation in the atmosphere. The taste is also a satisfying experience, with a mix of sweet, sour and bitter notes, which combine perfectly with the aroma. These exotic and fruity flavors are very appealing to cannabis lovers, and make Choco Autoflowering seeds a top quality strain.

What kind of effect does this marijuana have?

The effect of Choco Autoflowering autoflowering seeds is powerful and long-lasting, and can produce an intense feeling of euphoria and energy. It is a very suitable cannabis strain for people looking for a creative boost, or for those who want to stay active during the day. The THC content of this strain is high, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a strong, long-lasting high.

Buy Choco Autoflowering Autoflowering seeds by Sensi Seeds at the best price online

The autoflowering seeds Choco Autoflowering from Sensi Seeds are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a cannabis strain easy and fast to grow, but with a unique flavor and aroma, and an impressive sativa effect. Order now your seeds at Pevgrow and take advantage of the best quality/price ratio on the market.


Data sheet and characteristics

Banks: Banks Sensi Seeds
Phenotype: Phenotype 80% Indica/ 20% Sativa
Indoor production: Indoor production 14,10 oz-17.6 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 3,6 oz-4,2 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 10-12 weeks
Features: Features Resistant
Effects: Effects Euphoria
THC: THC 16-21%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Chocolate
Symptoms: Symptoms Apathy
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