Mega Pack Grotek

Mega Pack Grotek

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Mega Pack by Grotek is a complete fertilizer kit for marijuana that contains all the nutrients that these plants need during the vegetative growth phase and flowering. The Grotek brand fertilizer Mega Pack combines solid and liquid fertilizers of mineral origin, and is more than enough to cover all the nutritional needs of cannabis during various crops.

What's in the Grotek Mega Pack?

  • 1 liter of Solo-Tek Grow: Base fertilizer for the vegetative growth phase that promotes healthy, fast, and strong development, without deficiencies or excesses.
  • 1 liter of Solo-Tek Bloom: Liquid base fertilizer for the flowering cycle, used together with stimulators and additives, causes an explosion of buds and resin.
  • 1 liter of Vitamax Pro: Vitamin complex that is used throughout the entire crop, to enhance root development and improve bud formation.
  • 1 liter of Heavy Bud Pro: Magic additive for flowering that increases the amount of resin and inflorescences that form the buds.
  • 1 liter of Bud Fuel Pro: Flowering enhancer to improve the transport and assimilation of nutrients, slow down vertical growth, and provide extra potassium.
  • 20 gr. Monster Grow Pro: Powerful growth stimulator that provides the necessary nutrients to strengthen cell walls and create stronger stems.
  • 250 ml. of Blossom Blaster Pro: Blooming stimulator that improves the process of change from growth and accelerates the formation of the first flowers.
  • 130 gr. Monster Bloom : Impressive bud fattening, with a large amount of phosphorus and easily assimilated potassium, the best product in its category on the market.
  • Grotek cultivation table: Program where you can see the ideal dosage for each week of cultivation of each of the products in the mega pack.

How do I use the Grotek Fertilizer Mega Pack?

Its use is very simple, since with this Grotek fertilizer kit you have all the products you need when growing marijuana plants. You just have to follow the indications that the cultivation table marks week by week, adding the amount of each fertilizer that the graph marks.

Grotek products are highly concentrated and quickly absorbed by the roots, so we recommend measuring the EC after adding all the fertilizers to irrigation so that there is no risk of overfertilization. It is important to adjust the PH before watering, and always keep it at the correct values in each phase of cultivation.

Advantages of growing cannabis with the Grotek Mega Pack

  1. Healthy plants throughout the crop, without nutrient deficiencies or blockages
  2. Dense, voluminous, hard, heavier, and resin buds
  3. Specific product formulations for each phase of the crop
  4. Pack with everything you need for various crops
  5. Fertilizers valid for all substrates and cultivation systems

Buy Grotek Mega Pack at the best price online

Grotek is considered one of the best brands of nutrients for marijuana in the world, and its Mega Pack is the best way to try their products at once. Get the crops you always dreamed of!

Data sheet and characteristics

Cultivation phase Cultivation phase
  • Flowering
  • Growth
Properties Properties
  • Regulators pH
Composition Composition
  • Mineral
Brands Brands
  • Grotek

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