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Riococo is one of the most recognized brands of organic cannabis plant substrate on the market. This natural substrate made from coconut chips is ideal for plants to start their growth by developing roots evenly and accelerate the flowering process and harvest yield between 10 to 15%.

How is Riococo substrate produced?

This is a coconut fibre substrate that is fully biodegradable and from renewable sources. Riococo brand is the leading manufacturer of this kind of organic substrate in Sri Lanka. They use coconuts produced in their own factory, which means that the quality control of the product is very high.

Once the coconut has reached maturity, it is harvested and subjected to a curing process that can last between 4 to 6 weeks. When it is finished, the task of separating and classifying the fibres begins. This way of creating the substrate meets EC regulations, and also ensures that fibres have greater flexibility and durability without deteriorating.

When the selection of the fibres is finished, the product is washed four times and finished with a steam wash to ensure that all possible contaminants and salts are completely eliminated. This rigorous protocol to produce the substrate results in an excellent product for the plants that does not contain any type of substance harmful to growth.

What are the characteristics of Riococo's substrate?

One of the best qualities of the substrate is its high water retention and root aeration capacity. The presentation is a fiber tablet with particles exceeding all 0.2 inches (5 mm.), so water drainage is better, as well as expansion, nutrient absorption and water utilization.

By using this substrate, cannabis plants will have more availability of nutrients and the roots will have good water circulation, avoiding that later diseases can appear.

In terms of quality certificates, Riococo substrate meets with the most demanding standards in Sri Lanka: ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

When you apply this coconut substrate to your plants, either in pots or directly outdoors, Riococo creates a fabric that acts as a sponge when in contact with water, helping to retain the liquid long enough for the plants, but at the same time allowing good drainage so that no waterlogging happens. As it is a light substrate, soil is not compacted and air can circulate through the roots.

Due to its characteristics, this coconut substrate can be used in any type of crop, they have a neutral PH so it does not affect the development of the plants, likewise, when there is an excess of fertilizer this substrate prevents the vegetation from suffering. Take very much into account the following information:

  • It is a very homogeneous substrate.
  • Fiber has been meticulously cleaned and also improves electrical conductivity.
  • No coconut sedimentation.
  • It requires shorter watering, so it will help to reduce water consumption.
  • Optimal oxygenation of roots and with that a better root development.
  • Provides beneficial microbiota.
  • It has no buffering process.
  • Delivered ready-made.

Advantages of using Riococo substrate

  • Production of fruits and flowers is boosted, thanks to a correct development of the roots you will see that your varieties of cannabis come to flowering with heavier and more resinous buds.
  • Coconut fiber acts as an insulator, this means that the plants will not have an excess of humidity which could weaken them and make them more prone to fungus and pests.
  • In summer it helps to keep the roots fresh. It is a temperature natural regulator.
  • It is organic and biodegradable, does not generate a negative impact on the environment.
  • Avoids water stress in cases where irrigation is not fulfilled or there is an excess of heat in the environment.
  • Provides minerals and vitamins to plants: vitamin A and C, sodium, iron and vanadium.

Buy Riococo organic substrate

Complement the soil of your cannabis strains with this incredible top quality coconut fibre substrate, take advantage of all the features and benefits we have mentioned and get it at the best quality price. Check out everything we have in our catalogue for your plants.

Riococo substrate technical data:

Type: organic

Conductivity (mS/cm): 1.0

PH measuring range: 6

Capacity: 13.2 US gal. (50 litres) 

Water retention capacity (1/kg): 5.0

Porosity V/V%: 30.5

Organic matter: 97%

Humidity: 18

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