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Buddha Auto White Widow autoflowering marijuana seeds from the Buddha Seeds bank are ideal for people who do not have much cultivation experience, as they can withstand many of the hazing we commit when we are novices or inexperienced. The flavor of this herb is complex and difficult to describe, but highly addictive. Its effect is powerful and general, because it is felt both in the brain and in the body.

What are the genetics of these autoflowering seeds?

The Buddha Seeds bank pays homage to one of the most successful strains of the 90s, and for this they chose one of the original clones of White Widow and crossed it with one of their autoflowering. They added the genes responsible for autoflowering to this legendary strain from the Netherlands, thus transforming it into their Buddha Auto White Widow. The original genetics are mainly sativa, but crossing it with a plant of ruderalis ancestors has resulted in a very balanced polyhybrid .

What does Buddha Auto White Widow look like overall?

They are plants of compact size but with plenty of branching, with vigorous growth, medium distance between nodes, wide leaves, and fairly wide stems and resistant. During flowering, it continues to grow at the same time as it begins to bloom copiously, ending with buds as bulky, tight, and resin-coated as normal White Widow.

How do you grow these seeds indoors and outdoors?

Buddha Auto White Widow shows a special morphology for indoor cultivation, since it naturally produces a large central bud with many branches that remain at a close height. You can put 9 plants/m2 in 11 liter pots and it will be enough to fill the entire interior with thick buds, but it is important that the substrate is aerated and rich in nutrients so that the roots develop as quickly as possible. If you want to achieve the best results, mark a photoperiod of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness for the entire crop, from when the seedlings emerge until they are harvested.

For outdoor cultivation it is better to use pots of more than 20 liters, especially those grown from mid-spring to early autumn, which is when there are more hours and light power outdoors. It is not necessary to prune, in fact it is more interesting not to do them and for the plants to develop naturally, but it is possible to gain production and finish quality of the buds if defoliation of the large leaves in the middle part is done of the plant, as they can create shadows on some lower tips.

When are Buddha Auto White Widow harvested?

These plants need about 75 days of cultivation in general, from the moment they are born until they are harvested, so they are in the average of all the autoflowering plants on the market. On some occasions it can be harvested a few days earlier in indoor crops, especially when they are grown with light cycles of more than 16 hours and the correct environmental parameters are maintained.

How much do these Buddha Seeds produce?

They are very productive from all points of view, just like the normal version. The yield of buds in indoor cultivation ranges between 15,8 oz per 3x3ft and 19.4 oz per 3x3ft450 and 550 grams/m2 ), and outdoors each plant can produce between 2,8 oz/plant and 4,0 oz/plant ( 80 and 120 grams ) under normal circumstances. The resin production is also tremendous, it is not surprising that White Widow marked a before and after with respect to this quality, a concentration of trichomes that had not been seen before.

How is the aroma and taste of Buddha Auto White Widow?

It is a bittersweet flavor with a spicy touch, very particular, with woody and spicy nuances that are very enjoyable in the mouth because they provoke a series of sensations that are not easily found, since it shows certain notes when inhaling that change when released smoke. It is curious because it is a marijuana that does not smell so much, but its flavor is quite intense.

What kind of effect does this cannabis have?

Physically it is very pleasant, in a certain way you stop feeling the body, and although it causes some heaviness and sleepiness, it is special for calming muscle tension, pain, tremors, and especially anxiety. On a psychological level, it gives you a peace that is greatly enjoyed in moments of escape, because it makes you forget your problems, but it does not allow you to concentrate very fluently.

Buy Buddha Auto White Widow seeds from Buddha Seeds at the best price online

These seeds will satisfy both novice growers due to their ease of cultivation and production, and expert connoisseurs due to their taste and effect, and if you ask for them At Pevgrow you can enjoy the best quality/price ratio on the market.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks Buddha Seeds
Genetics: Genetics White Widow
Phenotype: Phenotype Indica 40%/ Sativa 50%/ Ruderalis 10%
Indoor production: Indoor production 15.8-19.4 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 2,8-4,2 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 75 days
Features: Features Beginners
High Yielding
Sativa seeds
Weather: Weather Cold climates
Effects: Effects Cerebral
THC: THC 17%
Disease: Disease Anxiety
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Spicy
Symptoms: Symptoms Bloating
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