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Buddha Seeds 

PEV Grow always bets strongly on the best marijuana Spanish seeds banks, and as could not be otherwise we introduce you the Buddha Seeds Bank, as one of the most charismatic banks of marijuana seeds on the international scene.

At the hand of Ernesto Llosá, from Hemp Trading Company, they began their activity with the launch of Buddha Seeds White Dwarf, a white family autoflowering cultivar, with a very outstanding Northern Light phenotype but with certain subtleties, derived from a great work carried out by the breeders of the company.

Ernesto only wanted to reach out the optimum level of professionalization that the sector demanded with the creation of Buddha seeds since he opened his first Grow Shop in Valencia, since he had been working for years and improving autoflowering and feminized genetics.

Recently the spanish seed bank celebrated its tenth birthday with the launch of the strain Buddha seeds Vesta, the icing on the cake, considering it prominently, as other very productive genetic, with a terpenes profile very homogeneous and unmistakable, fruit of the fusion between two parental lines, one American and one European.

In Buddha Seeds Bank they are very demanding with the unique phenotypic traits, and that is why in their catalogue they bet more on quality than on quantity, offering to the experienced cultivator unmistakable genetics of excellent quality and to the less experienced cultivators easy handling plants with short flowering time, ginving excellent results due to crop very robust specimens of high resistance to pests.

Today, Buddha Seeds Bank is a reference for research and development in the world of cannabis, working on projects in common with universities and foundations, in order to continue matching their quaity aims, genetic reserve, production and development of new strains.

Examples of all these results are those obtained with feminised cultivars such as Buddha Seeds Quasar, which delights us with an almost unique Sativa-Indica balance, or with Buddha Seeds Pulsar, which surprises us by its exaggerated production being just an "almost" Sativa Multihybrid.

One of their most versatile cultivars is Buddha Seeds Kraken, whose Kush offspring allows us to adapt it very easily to both Outdoor and Indoor crops, without too much variation of final production, yielding large and homogeneous plants loaded of big buds.

One of the greatets hits of this seeds bank is thanks to Buddha Seeds Deimos strain, an autoflowering genetic, with the peculiarity of offering an unreachable yield till those dates, ginving yields above 50 g per plant in most crops correctly performed.

Buddha Seeds Syrup stands out for its sweet taste, and as all other strains that this seeds bank designs, also for its robustness and resistance to fungi. Another example of purity is Buddha Seeds Purple Kush, with its unmistakable flavor of fruity incense, with touches of sandalwood and hash.

From the first day, this bank has always obsessed about with you harvest, because what you harvest is your best result ... and how curious! ... is the same obsession that we have in PEV Grow to offer you the best, so that you end up enjoying your passion together !

Do not forget, this seeds bank is setting up many surprises related to the new “cannabinoid star”, CBD or Cannabidiol. You will see a lot of products related to CBD for the next crop season.

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