Buddha Seeds

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Buddha Seeds: feminized seeds of the highest quality

PEV Grow always bets heavily on Spanish seed banks, and as could not be otherwise presents you Buddha Seeds bank, as one of the most charismatic marijuana seed banks and with better opinions of the international scene.

Hand in hand with Ernesto Llosá, of the company Hemp Trading, began their journey in 2006, they are specialists in autolowering varieties although in this section I'm going to talk about the feminized seeds of Buddha Seeds, less known but as the same quality as their little sisters.

Ernesto did nothing more than reach the optimum level of professionalism that the sector demanded with the creation of Buddha seeds since he opened his first Grow Shop in Valencia, as he had been working for years and improving first class genetics.

In Buddha seeds bank are very demanding with unique phenotypic traits, and that is why they bet in their catalog more than quantity for quality, offering the experienced grower unmistakable breeds of excellent quality and less experienced growers short flowering plants and easy handling, with very robust specimens of high resistance to pests, with this brand you will be guaranteed first quality weed.

Here you will find the 2019 Buddha Seeds Feminized catalog at the best price.

Today, they are a benchmark for research and development in the world of cannabis, working on joint projects with universities and foundations, thereby continuing to meet the objectives set for quality, genetic reserve, production and development of new varieties for their catalog.

The best feminized seeds of Buddha Seeds:

Examples of all this work are those achieved with feminized varieties such as Quasar, which delights us with a Sativa-Indica balance almost unique and a flavor quite peculiar, or Pulsar, the by marijuana growers is due to its exaggerated production being an "almost" Sativa multihybrid and the high it causes, a perfect marijuana to spend a time of laughter in family.

One of its most versatile varieties is Kraken, whose offspring Kush allows us to adapt very easily to both outdoor and indoor crops, without too many variations of final production, yielding plants of large size, robustness and homogeneity. and like all varieties designed by this bank a resistance to fungi. Its unmistakable taste of fruity incense, and nuances of sandalwood and Hash will take time to forget.

From the first day this bank has always been obsessed with what you harvest, because it is your best result ... and curious ... is the same obsession we have in PEV Grow to offer you the best, in our catalog you can see the best photos and opinions to end up enjoying our passion!