Red Cross CBD - Medical Seeds
Red Cross CBD - Medical Seeds
Red Cross CBD - Medical Seeds
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Red Cross CBD

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Medical Seeds
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Medical Seeds has just introduced to the market its new feminized seeds, and it is not just any variety. The Red Cross is one of the first commercial genetics of cannabis with a THC content below 0.3% and it is not industrial hemp. Then what? It's much better than that, keep reading and you'll find out...

What is Red Cross CBD like?

This is a cross between the Lambada CBD and the Medical Zero CBD, 2 clones selected for their high Cannabidiol values and mainly for containing trace values of THC, as they barely reach 0.2%.

Apparently it is like any modern hybrid with indica dominance, with compact structure, plenty of branching, great flower and bud production, intense aroma and fast flowering. Nobody would say that this is a plant that lacks psychoactivity, and at first sight it is impossible to differentiate this kind of plant from others, but in its chemotype hides the most special features.

How to grow Red Cross CBD?

It is so easy to grow and grateful that with the minimum care it gives you a good yield in the form of medicinal buds. It is suitable for many types of outdoor climates, as it finishes so quickly that before the cold weather arrives in cold latitudes will have matured. However in temperate places is where it develops in all its fullness, since it can end up with more than 6.56 ft. (2 meters) high if it does not lack substrate. In this sense we recommend to plant in pots of more than 13.2 US gal (50 liters) with "Light" substrate, since it is not very feast, but it does appreciate the oxygenation in the roots.

In indoor growing it is advisable to put 12 or 16 plants per 3x3ft (M2), with approximately 3 weeks of growth and without pruning. That way they fill up the whole growing area very quickly and ensure a good production.

Fertilizers are best applied with organic nutrients for 2 reasons, firstly to enhance their delicious taste, but also to reduce the risks of over-fertilization.

When to harvest indoors and outdoors?

It is incredibly fast in both environments, let's say that it could be compared with the strains called "Fast" or "Quick", since outdoors can be harvested in mid-September in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere it is cut in mid-March.

Indoors it needs about 8 weeks of flowering to fully mature, but this plant does not vary much effect by maturing more or less. From week 6 to 8 the cannabinoid profile varies, but hardly changes the type of effect, as it mainly converts CBG into CBD, and both produce similar sensations on a body level.

How much does Red Cross CBD produce?

You could say that its bud production is in the average, since in indoor can produce from 14.1 to 15.8 oz per 3x3ft (400-450 grams per M2). Of course, the production of resin and terpenes is very high, which partially compensates for this.

Outdoors each specimen can produce about 28.2 oz (800 grams) of dry cannabis, even more so if it's transplanted into soil or a large pot in early spring.

What does this Medical Seeds novelty taste and smell like?

The point that has surprised everyone the most is the organoleptic, and is that this type of plants that are selected for their chemotype do not usually stand out for this reason. The Red Cross CBD from mid-flowering begins to release a very intense sweet and floral fragrance, to freshly cut strawberries, a wonder.

The taste is better appreciated in the intense fruity tone, as if you were chewing gum in your mouth, something you will never want to stop tasting.

What is the effect of Red Cross CBD variety?

At this point it is important to highlight the great medicinal value of this genetics, which is truly unique thanks to the combination of its cannabinoid profile and the amount of terpenes produced by, which greatly intensifies its beneficial character.

For therapeutic use, it is perfect for users who want to take advantage of the properties of Cannabidiol without noticing psychoactive effects. But it is not only intended for medical consumption, since in some places this type of cannabis is becoming trendy among tobacco smokers too, thanks to its intense taste.

Buy Red Cross CBD feminized seeds at the best price

At Pevgrow we are always up to date with the latest developments in the industry, especially with regard to medical cannabis, so here you will find the best price/quality ratio on the market for this one and all Medical Seeds varieties. Order now!

Data sheet and characteristics

Banks Banks
  • Medical Seeds
Genetics Genetics
  • Lambada CBD X Medical Zero CBD
Phenotype Phenotype
  • 80% Indica/ 20% Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N Harvest outdoor H.N
  • Mid September
Harvest outdoor H.S Harvest outdoor H.S
  • Mid March
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 14.1 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 28.2 oz per plant
Indoor flowering period Indoor flowering period
  • 8 weeks
Features Features
  • High CBD
Weather Weather
  • Temperate / continental
Effects Effects
  • Medicinal
  • 0.2%
  • 6-9%
  • 0.5%
Flavor and aroma Flavor and aroma
  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Strawberry

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