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Sunset Paradise - Paradise Seeds
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Sunset Paradise

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In PEV Grow we have brought for you a great strain by Paradise Seeds, it is the Sunset Paradise, a cross with a lot of cookies presence, brought by this so famous Amsterdam bank.

What is its genetics?

The Sunset Paradise is a crossing of a delicious Thin mint GSC, a 50/50 hybrid, with Girl Scout Cookies heritage, which will give us resinous buds, which will come loaded with trichomes and terpenes, which guarantee us an incredible experience.

On the other hand we have the Sunset Sherbert, another daughter of the recognized Girl Scout Cookies, which this time will give us the relaxing effects of a good indica, as well as a robust growth and branching with very little height.

The result of these two is simply amazing, with a great production, round and abundant buds throughout the plant, as well as a small structure, ideal for guerrilla crops and indoors, although its visual appeal, full of blue and violet colors will not go unnoticed.

What is it like in general?

Broadly speaking, the Sunset Paradise is the perfect strain for many growers, both experts and novices, as it gives us a small speckled plant, loaded with resin, with smells that make it more desirable and delicious flavors.

In addition to this, the genetics of the plant allows us to use all its therapeutic potential for various ailments, but not for that reason it is a weed loaded with psychoactive that will give us a great brain stimulus and a euphoria very sought after by users.

What are their smells and tastes?

The strain does not lag behind in terms of odours, as will delight us with lavender aromas, with fruity notes of orange and raspberry. Pleasant aromas, the only ones that will perfume for a long time.

The flavors are very fruity and sweet, with a background of spicy that will remain engraved in the most demanding palate.

What are its effects?

Its effects derive from its predominance indica that will provide relief to even the most exhausted body.

In the first puffs will come the first tingling, this followed by a brain effect with a good load of euphoria ideal for lifting the mood.

Over time, the physical stone will become very present, relieving muscle pain, along with a deep sense of relaxation that will last at least a good while.

Is it good for therapeutic uses?

This is one of the strains ideal for medical users, for its great relaxing effects, also for its good treatment for muscular pains in very tired bodies for different reasons.

The presence of lavender in its terpenes makes it perfect for a meditation afternoon, as its smell will not distract, but instead will serve to have an even more pleasant feeling.

How is it grown?

Its cultivation is preferable for indoor spaces, but it is also perfect for guerrilla cultivation.

From germination to the first days as a seedling you will need only the essential nutrients, you will also not need much water.

When its growth period ends around 40 days, we will notice some plants between 1.3-1.5 ft. (40-45 cm.), although outdoors the height may be a little higher.

The show begins when the plants start to give off incredible smells that will stand out with the incredible variety of purple and blue colors, which after a few weeks, will be bathed in resin that will contrast perfectly with the colors.

The size of the buds will be amazing for such a small plant, as it will give us compact, heavy, resin-laden flowers that will fascinate you when they are ready to smoke.

The plants are small, as they will usually stay between 2.62 ft. (80 cm.), however this can change outdoors, having a slightly higher height.

Here the use of cultivation techniques is optional, although the only one that would give us a better result, compared to the others, would be SOG (Sea of green).

It is recommended to grow it indoors with 9 pots of 2.9 US gal (11 liters), while for outdoors, a pot of 5.3 US gal (20 liters) would be ideal.

Buy Sunset Paradise feminized seeds from Paradise Seeds

At PEV Grow we are always one step ahead to bring you the best and newest strains for you. Now, from the hand of Paradise Seeds, we bring you a very indica variety with therapeutic properties, an incredible organoleptic variety that you will regret not having.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Paradise Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Sunset Paradise
Phenotype: Phenotype Predominantly indica
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Early October
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Early April
Indoor production: Indoor production Medium
Outdoor production: Outdoor production Medium
Indoor height: Indoor height 2.95 ft.
Outdoor height: Outdoor height Short-medium
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 8 weeks
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Leave us your opinion or ask us any questions you have about this seed and participate in the raffle!
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