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This time we are pleased to present one of the most famous Dutch banks in the world, Paradise Seeds, I have always been very involved in raising all types of cannabis. They begin their activity in early 1990 with the objective of selecting the best genetics. Only the selection and crossing of the most potent plants of cannabis (marijuana) plants with the best flowers and taste sweeter, have led to the creation of strains available today. The quality you get with marijuana seeds of this European bank, are undoubtedly the best available in the market.
Working with strict criteria regarding the pollination of plants, so Paradise Seeds guarantees a germination rate of 95%, if growing conditions are right.
More than 25 cups has won several competitions Paradise Seeds cannabis in 1999, as well as some honorable mentions, as Plant of the Year 2003 by Sensi Star (the magazine High Times ).....

Paradise Seeds, maximum reliability guaranteed


Paradise Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that has been active since 1990, and is considered as one of the main and most loved by all the Dutch and much of Europe. In Coffee Shops their varieties triumph among the best-selling, and this is so, because their quality is really good, and their genetic selection process very thorough and thorough, ensuring a 95% success in germination.


The best autoflowering of Paradise Seeds

I've allowed myself the luxury of selecting for you the ones that, in my opinion and that of a good part of the PevGrow team, are the best autoflowering varieties in the Paradise Seeds catalogue.


Auto Jack

A weed with origins of authentic cannabis nobility, none other than Jack Herer and White Widow, and from whose marriage was born one of the greats of Paradise Seeds, a seed of 5th generation, which translates into a strong plant, resistant to pests and above all with a productivity of madness.

Its effects are characterized by a rise energizing and active brain, followed by a descent that will leave you totally relaxed, perfect for treating muscle aches, or periods of insomnia.


Auto Acid

Its Diesel genetics mark its organoleptic properties, characterized by a very strong personality, perfect for smokers eager for powerful experiences. In indoor cultivation, in just 75 days, you can collect 400 gr per m2, for this I use flowerpots of 5,5 liters, placing 20 copies per m2, under the intensity of a LEC lamp of 315W.

In outdoor crops, it shows good resistance to pest attacks, but I always err on the side of foresight and use preventive such as Canna Cure de Canna.


White Berry Auto

Autoflowering variety of 4th generation, which has been backcrossed until the characteristics of its mother plant White Berry, have been clearly present in the new autoflowering version of Paradise Seeds. In its taste and aroma, you will see clearly reflected the characteristics of its incredible mother, which has a taste of berries with a very special sweetness, which makes it a real delicacy.

Its effects are very relaxing, and is often used by lovers of medical marijuana for the treatment of epileptic seizures, as well as to combat episodes of insomnia.



When you try this weed, you'll never forget it. It's a variety with the organoleptic properties of locos, marked by a fruity taste that causes your taste buds to dance in ecstasy of pleasure. Its effect is characterized by a powerful body effect, recommended only for experienced smokers, because if you're a novice you could get a good hit, Travel to Pleasure Island with PevGrow AirLines!


Now available in your trusted online Growshop, Paradise Seeds' extensive catalogue of autoflowering varieties.

Paradise Seeds, the award-winning Dutch medical marijuana bank. Enjoy!


Attention, curves are coming! Comes to our Growshop online, the CBD catalogue of the famous and reputable seed bank Paradise Seeds. This Dutch bank is considered one of the great ones, and this has been recognized by the numerous cannabic prizes that they hoard for more than 25 years, and between which it emphasizes the one of best plant of the year granted by Sensi Star (The magazine High Times).

Its varieties are marked by an excellent quality, and a germination percentage of 95% maintaining ideal growing conditions, and using the best genetics for the creation of their crosses.


The best CBD seeds from the Paradise Seeds catalogue


Nebula II CBD

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, it will be ready in just 75 days from germination, and will provide a good amount of buds. In indoor crops, using 7 litre pots, you can put up to 14 plants per m2, and I recommend that you place it under the intensity of a good HPS focus of 600w.

Outdoors, it needs a temperate or hot climate, and you'll have to harvest it in mid-October before the rainy season arrives and you have a little problem with humidity and fungi. If you use a definitive pot of 50 liters or plant it in firm ground, and you will be able to collect up to 700 gr by plant.


Durga Mata II CBD

The enriched CBD version of a classic from the Paradise Seeds catalogue, characterized by an aroma and flavor that fall in love from the first puff, marked by spicy touches and Turkish fruits, an absolute wonder that every cannabis lover should undoubtedly try and have in his collection.

Its level of CBD is 8.5% and its proportion in THC is slightly lower 7%, which provides balanced effects, which allow you to smoke throughout the day without problems, and is highly recommended for use as an anti-inflammatory, to help reduce seizures in diseases such as epilepsy, reduces anxiety and helps overcome some chronic pain.


Do not miss this wonderful opportunity, and enjoy in PEV Grow from the catalog of Paradise Seeds CBD, one of the kings of cannabis, bet safe!

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