Albino or white Marijuana

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What began as a rumor in which many did not believe, ensuring that it was an optical illusion or talk to some growers, has finally been known that is real, although it is a phenomenon that occurs very rarely and, usually, only buds or in an area of the plant.


If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see it in person or you saw in real pictures, surely you’ve surprised at how beautiful it becomes albino plant marijuana, commonly called, white marijuana. Until recently it had not heard of this type of plant, but from the moment it began to become, appeared the first critics who said that was just a myth and that the images to be seen were optical effects or were retouched.

However, eventually, experts in botany and plant world explained that indeed, this phenomenon was real and it was due to a mutation of the plant that occurs very rarely and when it does is because the genes controlling plant chlorophyll not develop properly, resulting in white or albino plants.DEE-364x245

In this regard, it is noteworthy that it is very rarely the entire plant which is this color, since it most likely be the buds or part thereof. If this is the first case, the completely white plant, experts say that is because the cause of albinism comes from the double albino gene. However, if they are just some of the parties whose are white, should the fact that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, ie a malfunctioning genes.

Of course, which should never be confused albino or white plants is with discolored, which at first glance may have the same white colored but really is a green that has lost its color, because its grower has been commissioned to approach it much the focus of a floodlight. The visual effect is beautiful, but what you get in this way is to burn literally photopigments of chlorophyll, making them disappear completely and giving a lower quality product we want to obtain from the plant.



Albino Marihuana: quality and durability

As to whether that marijuana can be consumed or not, the fact is that has not been proven nor disproved otherwise. The plantALBINA_blog_full produces its flower, but it, not having the required level of chlorophyll, giving a lower quality product, without this meaning that can not be consumed. It is true that sometimes (we speak of plants that are not completely white), it does give some good sheets, it is normal production rates are much lower than those of a completely green plant.

On the other hand, many people who wonder if this plant can last or not. The truth is that most of them dies soon without which has been invaded by any pest, but simply because they do not produce chlorophyll level it needs to develop. Indeed, cuttings are removed from these plants are doomed to die immediately.


However and surprisingly, there have been some cases of albino marijuana plants that survive. Experts have not yet managed to discover exactly what they eat if no chlorophyll, but some indications suggest that they do it parasitic, ie, which take away the nutrients to other plants or organisms that previously had developed it.

The truth is that, in recent times, many growers, just having this white plant, of great beauty (that can not be denied) between his culture, are finding more plants of this type of which had so far. And you, what do you think? Would you like to have one or at least try? We hope your opinion!
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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