Excess or lack of phosphorus in the marijuana plant

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This macronutrient that aims to intervene properly developing our marijuana plant must be provided to it in a fair amount if we want to fulfill the functions expected of it.

When we hear of phosphorus, the first thing that comes to mind are those foods that have been recommended to us as children take the amount of phosphorus that had, so that will help us improve the performance of our mind.

In the case of plant, the function is similar. Not that the phosphorus will help it to be more or less intelligent, but that thanks to its properties332227079-p-def_2 can develop healthy and strong, to give the best possible results.

We speak of a macronutrient which aims to contribute directly to the correct development of the plant, particularly in the metabolism of the same. It does so with all plants, but especially in the case of cannabis. So if you just dive in this world of self-cultivation of marijuana, write it on your shopping list as must-have in your plant.

Must-have (lack), but not give too much or (excess), conversely, little, these being some of the most common mistakes people make when we cultivate the first times a marijuana plant or even when we changed seed type and no we have taken into account that the amount may vary from one type to another, even from one crop to another.

In all these aspects and how to avoid them we will focus on today’s article, but first, we will define what this macronutrient and how its “complicated” process of coming to our plant or to the human being. We begin!

What is phosphorus?

As important as it is a component of plant DNA. So phosphorous, a macronutrient that, as mentioned above, contributes to the development of the metabolism of plants, giving it the energy that they need for growth. An energy from sunlight and stored in the land where our plant is in the form of phosphorus. The same will be used then for metabolic processes, such as photosynthesis resulting in being part of the DNA of the plant, as explained at the beginning of this paragraph.

But besides that phosphorus the plant obtained naturally, especially in indoor crops where the plant does not know what the natural sunlight, but artificial light bulb, is clear that we must give this contribution phosphorus so you can develop properly. And that is where it is necessary to understand the life cycle of phosphorus, since that is created on soil, until it reaches your home as a product for plants.


A very interesting cycle, biogeochemical qualified and it is always closed. As mentioned, sunlight deposited soil phosphorus (land or sea) and are the animals that consume it themselves and then deposit it back into the ground as fertilizer. In the case of humans, it is precisely those animals that got the phosphorus.

And now that we know where the phosphorus goes, what do you think if we discuss what are the main benefits this brings to our plant macronutrient? We begin by recalling that this is an element that must be present at all stages of the life of the plant, from germination, through the growth of the aerial part and ending in bloom of it.


Once plants absorb phosphorus begin to conduct different chemical actions produce it, for example, the essential being able to breathe, but also other functions such as water to make better use of the substrate and therefore be more strong; have a greater root development, make the plant stronger and thicker stems; promotes increased production of cannabis buds, and improves the quality of it; in the case of frost, if thelogo-piensaenverde plant has absorbed the amount of phosphorus it needs, it will be much more resistant to them; also directly influences the production of sugars, starches and other carbohydrates that allow us to get our crop plant is of higher quality.

Therefore, you must not forget, as we have been reminding throughout the text, the phosphorus must be on your shopping list when you go to grow a marijuana plant. You can find phosphorus at our online store Piensa en Verde, with just click on this link.

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Similarly, we also invite you to take note of how to fix the problems then we will mention: lack or excess of phosphorus.

Lack of phosphorus in marijuana plants

You have been afraid to give more phosphorus, aware of the dangers that this entails, but you’ve spent and you put less your plant needs. Something that sometimes and as happens with other chemicals, it may be because you confident that the amount had purchased the land that would be enough, but that amount is usually always very basic and plants often need small extra contribution.


You’ll notice that you’ll see that the leaves of your plant are yellowing and if this happens you have to remedy it, but why? Because you do not, your plant will be affected as follows: Smaller leaves will suffer stunted; the buds are smaller and not developed as it should be and, in addition, the plants become more vulnerable to any pest or diseases because they have not absorbed the nutrients needed to be stronger plants.

How do I fix it? As follows: regulate the pH of the soil in your plant should be between 5.5 and 6.5; (unless you are using a hydroponics system, which may not exceed 6.2.) clean the roots so they do not remain blocked and can pass the phosphorus and other nutrients throughout the plant; add a fertilizer mineral or organic to address this deficiency.


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Excess phosphorus in the marijuana plant

Unlike the previous case, your plant has more phosphorus than it should. Some people may think that this has nothing wrong, but wrong in resounding and will handle plant show it by changing aspect to be divested of it, which is nothing more than a response to the plight of thefosforo interior plant and must correct time if you want your plant dies.

Excess phosphorus plant supposed to block the absorption of other nutrients that are vital for growth and good development of our plant and its fruits. Thus, the plant fails to absorb, for example, zinc, copper, calcium or magnesium, and it will be noticeable in the color of plants and the development of short buds. Our plant is helpless and can die if we can not answer.

To do this, as in the previous case we make a clean root, so this allows the plant again absorb all the nutrients that until then was absorbing properly. We should also stabilize the Ph of the plant and can add to the water a compound of the abovementioned salts to facilitate cleaning.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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