How to make a washing roots and start over

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How to make a washing roots
How to make a washing roots

Washing roots is a very important technique that every good cannabis grower must know how to use, and all nobel must learn.

There may be different cases we have to clean the roots of the plant, as it may be an over-fertilization, when we see that the leaves of our marijuana plants have a yellowish tinge, where we have to make a good washing to remove salts surplus, and start irrigation with the corresponding EC, and that the marijuana plant again take that precious green that characterizes it. But here we will deal with when and how to wash the roots to end the culture and start again.

Our cannabis plants feed on salts found in irrigation water and are different fertilizers we use it, usually these fertilizers are mixed with irrigation water, and roots absorb this water “fertilized” for feed the plant.

Some recommended watering with fertilizer and others without it, so between the two, the roots have time to absorb these salts, and can avoid over-fertilization … there are also growers who prefer to always use water with fertilizer, so that the marijuana have enough nutrients to optimize growth and production, need to achieve the desired balance between the salts added to irrigation water, the ability of the plant to properly absorb such salts or fertilizer.

The reason for washing the roots before cutting of marijuana, is to remove salts and above fertilizers and leave yellowing leaves, which means, remove chlorophyll, and that our grass has no taste, or fertilizer or chlorophyll.

Now, let’s explain a little when and how to clean the roots before cutting.

Generally we clean the roots starting to irrigate with water alone, without any added product, when plants are close to the cutting day, it is recommended that the last seven days before the cutting day or the last two or three irrigations with this technique, the plant is clean inside of the nutrients that we have been providing during its period of growth and flowering.

This makes the plant remove the nutrients and chlorophyll that is deposited on its leaves, leaving them with a yellowish hue. With this process, we avoid the flavors to any type of fertilizer and chlorophyll, managing to improve the pleasant flavor of our favorite variety.

How to correctly wash roots

Wassertech PH Meter
Wassertech PH Meter

The technique is quite simple, and we just have to water our plants with plenty of water, it is recommended three times the volume of the pot, if our container is 11 liters, we will have to water them with about 33 liters. With this we can see that at first the water seeping underneath the pot, initially yellowish because of the nutrients and as we increase the volume of water, it will drain cleaner or clear. We need water slowly letting the water drain below the pot.

Regarding the values of pH and EC “electroconductivity” the first we have to get the cleaning water this around 6, and the EC must be as low as possible, since the lower fewer nutrients leads, it is very advisable to use distilled water, air conditioning or even osmosis, as its EC is low enough for this process.

Once the cleaning process, leave to dry land last irrigation, and the plant is ready to cut.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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