Fusarium fungus in marijuana

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Fusarium is a fungus that lives in soil and can cause major damage to plants. In severe cases it can even cause death. Prevention, once again, is the best choice to get rid of this dreaded fungus.

The fungus called Fusarium, clogs the vessels of the leaves and stalks of marijuana, which makes acquire a yellow color and wilting. In cases where the fungus has already acted, it may cause death of the plant. Fusarium appears first on the ground, in the land of the plant and, therefore, in its roots. Hence, it is spreading its destructive action to stem and leaf through all its vessels, for all this, it is vital care for the soil and ground, where is going to be growing marijuana. We must lay a good foundation, a careful land for the plant to grow healthy and free of any disease.

Top Crop Fertilizer Pack Professional

Top Crop Fertilizer Pack Professional

For this purpose, it may be useful to use a good fertilizer, in Piensa en Verde you can choose from a wide variety of these products, which help keep at bay this type of fungi and other pests. A good option can be the Pack Fertilizer Top Professional Crop , since it includes everything that the marijuana plant needs: root stimulator, fertilizer for growth, fungi and beneficial bacteria products to strengthen cell walls, growth stimulators … the results of this pack of fertilizer are spectacular, and will help the plant grow cannabis healthy, and some large buds.

Moreover, this fungus is spread by spores, which can be easily carried by the wind, people or other plants. These spores are very resistant and very difficult to combat.

When and how can Fusarium appear?

There are a number of factors favoring the appearance of this fungus:
– That the land on which is going to grow is already contaminated with Fusarium. A land contaminated by the fungus can remain contaminated until 6 years later, so better avoid planting on land that has been contaminated, though we believe that there is no risk.
Excessive moisture also contributes to the appearance of this species.
– The fact that the plant and the substrate are subject to few hours of light.
Poor soils in nitrogen and high in potassium, are also serious candidates to host the fungus Fusarium.
– The high temperature of the ground. So in warm climates this fungus usually occurs more easily.

Darkening of the vessels, observable by transverse and / or longitudinal section of the stem about 30 cm above the floor.

Darkening of the vessels, observable by transverse and / or longitudinal section of the stem about 30 cm above the floor.

How do you know that marijuana has this fungus?

For planting cannabis grow healthy and strong, you must carefully observe the whole process of growth. You can tell that is affected by this type of fungus, when the stems show symptoms of being rotten at its base also Fusarium causes the leaves of the marijuana plant turn yellow color, and even can get to die, but still attached to the plant. If the roots have a brownish color, or stem also has this color, you can suspect that we are indeed to a fungus of these characteristics.

the leaves of the marijuana plant turn yellow color

The leaves of the marijuana plant turn yellow color.

Sap flow and activity also alters the roots.

The stems show symptoms of being rotten at its base.

The stems show symptoms of being rotten at its base.

Can you cure the infected plant?

It is very difficult, if not impossible, that an affected fungus Fusarium culture can be saved. What you can do is prevent this fungus makes its appearance. Prevention goes for taking a few simple steps:

– One must be very scrupulous about cleaning everything that is in contact with our growing marijuana. We must clean and sanitize all utensils that will be used throughout the cultivation process, from planting to harvesting of the buds. We must also wash your hands thoroughly before handling any crop. Even if someone outside our culture visit the place where marijuana is, we must also ask you to wash your hands (some of them even make visitors change clothes, but this seems a bit excessive).

Trichoderma Harzianum: protect the plant and roots

Trichoderma Harzianum: protect the plant and roots

– Cultivation must be planted in a substrate quality.

High temperatures favor the appearance of this fungus Fusarium, so you have to keep the soil below 30 degrees.

– They can be used species of beneficial fungi that make other fungi, such as Fusarium, not appear. In Piensa en Verde you will find the Trichoderma harzianum , a beneficial fungus protects the roots cannabis plants. This beneficial fungus colonizes the roots of the plant, increasing nutrient uptake and water, and protecting the roots against diseases. The fungus forms a shield around the roots, which increases the tolerance of plants to different types of stress (extreme temperatures and humidity, salinity, nutrient deficiencies). And most interesting is that this protects the plant from fungus Fusarium.

– Cultivate in clay soils, as these types of substrates have bacteria that eliminate fungi such as Fusarium.

– If the crop is indoor, it is interesting to have an Ozonator, as it has antibacterial qualities, microbicides and sterilants.

– If planting is on the outdoor, you should not use containers or pots color too dark, as it could overheat and be a source of very suitable crop for the happy Fusarium.

– If we see on the ground any damaged area either stem or leaf, we must cut immediately to avoid, insofar as possible, that such damage affects the rest of the crop.

Keep ventilated culture is vital. Many cannabis professionals advise, if the crop is done indoors, always have a fan.

By Noelia Jimenez, Team Piensa en Verde

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