Techniques to prune the marijuana plant

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If you do this with your plant, you get mainly more production or simply balance the height of all your plants so that all carry the same pace and do not exceed the measures you had set yourself.

Plants, though often not allow us to fight your own nature, and, at other times, we can not control what the weather, or insect pests or bacteria, can make on them, yes allow us to perform them, other modifications, such as by trimming. Subject in which we want to focus today.

But, what the importance of carrying out this technique lies? Primarily and as we mentioned in the intro of this post, in order to control the one hand, the height of our plants and they all have a similar growth, but on the other and, I would say, that is the main benefit, thanks to this method we can expand our production and achieve. Also, it makes the light distribution is more equal, and that all plants are at the same height and which will not be clogged at some other, preventing light obtain needed.12f074d495847731c3dabe98746501b5.0.FIM_.jpg.atch_

Benefits to achieve, of course, as long as it is done by choosing the correct technique, based on the needs that we as cultivators at a particular time.

In short, thanks to pruning get the best performance out of our plants, but, yes: it is necessary to do so when you actually already have some experience and know well how we must conduct the same, since an error pruning could lead us to lose our culture and that nobody wants. However, this should not put you off, because with the passage of time and experience you will succeed and who knows: maybe a mistake, you achieve out a new technique, as with the known as FIM, which then we’ll talk .

When to prune

The time of pruning, which can perform both crops indoors and outdoors, depending on the type of technique you employ for this, but, as a rule, the plant must have at least six knots. From here, the same can be performed within a few weeks of germination, ie, when the plant is growing or during flowering.


Types of techniques

As mentioned above, the techniques are varied and each is intended to obtain concrete results. Although the list is long, the best known and used are the following:

Apical pruning: we will prune the upper apex of our plant. We will get a result that it does not continue to grow upwards forcing develop other branches of the plant. Thus get the one hand, the remaining branches are stronger and therefore a wider display, so that aspect will also obtain more buds, ie expand our production.

FIM pruning (I Missed Fuck) that was discovered by chance when someone cut the apex a little higher. In short, to perform this pruning we cut the top bud before reaching the stem thereby achieving growth of several outbreaks in the same bud, but without stopping its growth. The result will achieve greater production.


Pruning low, that is, as the name suggests, eliminate the number of leaves and lower branches, thus the strength of the plant resides in the branches that have not been cut. These branches will be much more useful than those that are practically on the ground, to which the light hits them just, but they consume the energy of the plant. However, thanks to this technique of pruning that will not happen. So, we will seize the fruit of plants that, really, we can give quality products.


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By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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