How to build your greenhouse

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Greenhouse homemade. Foto Flickr.
Greenhouse homemade. Foto Flickr.

In a simple way you can grow in any season and get to protect your crop from cold temperatures and other weather.

With a greenhouse we can grow without having to wait for the planting season. You can make these structures in many ways and the materials we use are very diverse, from a piece of Transparent plastic to plastic bottles also, wood, glass (using, for example, old windows) and even boxes CD’s.

Here we will give only guidelines because everyone has their own tastes, so let your imagination and make your own personalized greenhouse!

Keep in mind that if we do plastic, it must have some openings for the interior and caution! The plastic should not touch the plant because it could burn or rot it.

As it regards the light, when the days are shorter (autumn and winter) we must provide for our own light that lacks the plant and have to do with artificial light (lamp or bulb). When the plant starts to bloom, leave to bring it this extra light.




The structure of our greenhouse must have a height of half a meter, but it’s better to have a few centimeters more, especially if the

Extractor Revolution Stratos AC
Extractor Revolution Stratos AC

size of the plant we have chosen to grow beyond one meter high. Vary the width of the space we have, and the amount of seeds that we want to cultivate.

To control the temperature inside the greenhouse, an adequate ventilation must be done. To do this, one solution is to make some windows at the top so that when open permit expel hot air that, being lighter than cold, weighs less and rises. For this system work, windows must also be made in the bottom to allow in fresh air from outside.

If we raise the temperature inside the greenhouse, and this is on the outside, at ground level, we can do a hole of about half a meter deep, because the temperature of the deeper layers of the earth, are more hot. To increase the temperature, you can also choose to fill that hole manure, since this component is a good heat generator due to the combustion process performed. It is advised that the temperature does not fall below 18°C.

Another aspect to consider is the humidity of the greenhouse. If we increase the moisture, we can put into the same containers with water, however, if we want to reduce it, we should ventilate the interior. It is usually advisable to maintain a humidity between 60 and 70 percent.

The varieties most suitable for this crop seeds are the sativa, with a fairly fast flowering.

Without complications

For those who are not very nice, but want to have their own greenhouse, always they will be able to find an installation of this type at a very affordable price.

Installation at an affordable price
Installation at an affordable price

In Piensa en verde we offer several possibilities. For example, the Greenhouse Outdoor Myplot 120 x 65 x 160 (transparent cover) allows plant and harvest vegetables, culinary herbs, aromatic plants, herbs or flowers in your own home. Installation is fast

Greenhouse Outdoor Coated Anti Insects
Greenhouse Outdoor Coated Anti Insects

and easy; it is resistant and lightweight at the same time. Moreover, it is very clean and hygienic.

Another solution is the Greenhouse Outdoor Myplot 120 x 65 x 155 Anti Insect Cover, has the same features as above resistance, lightness and quick and easy installation, with a twist and featuring, a cover anti insects that is useful for our plants grow without danger of being stalked by plague. Insects can ruin our crop of cannabis, so this option is very interesting to look after our beloved culture.

One last question, but not let the end is less important: do not put the greenhouse prominently, many crops are lost because they are less discrete and there is much ‘friend of the alien’.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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