Air extractors and ventilation

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We will tell you how these devices work, and why you need the perfect extractor for you.

What is an odor extractor?

Many variables must be taken into account for growing marijuana indoors. Some of them can be controlled with the help of an adequate ventilation system. It is essential to renew the air of the place where your plants are located, and will help you maintain the adequate temperature and humidity for your plants to grow healthy and strong.

But, in addition to being essential for your crop to thrive, extractors are also very important for your health. Ensuring that the room is free of smoke and CO2 will help you avoid respiratory problems and other medical conditions derived from a closed environment without clean air.

How does an odor extractor work?

First, fans are responsible for maintaining the air of the area in constant movement to avoid differentiated layers to be formed depending on the air’s density. In this way, you can achieve a homogeneous temperature and humidity throughout the compartment of your crop.

Second, these devices also have an air extraction function that renews the air within environment. Operating in a way similar to that of air conditioning, to bring in outdoor air is important to maintain adequate CO2 levels and achieve an average temperature.

How to install an odor extractor?

The main thing to take into consideration when placing the fans is that in no case should they be in direct contact with the plants. Additionally, the air streams must not be directly directed towards marijuana. To renew the air more efficiently, you can select an oscillating system that varies the direction in which the air will be discharged.

You should also consider that it is advisable to place the fans under the lamps, as this prevents heat energy from accumulating too close to the plants.

If you are going to use an extraction system combined with an anti-odor mechanism, be sure to connect all the parts correctly and that there are no gaps through which the air can escape. In this way, you can avoid smells completely.

Which are the best extractors?

Choosing the right model will depend, to a large extent, on your crop’s size and your plants’ needs. Work out the level of extraction need from the size of your cabinet to choose your accessory.

Our Blauberg Center Extractor is a cheap fan specially designed to minimize noise, even when working at full power. However, if you are looking for the most resistant system on the market, do not forget to take a look at the RVK Tubular Fans. For those who need greater power, the Dospel WK metal range will become a basic need.

How to ventilate marijuana?

When it comes to your plant’s ventilation, you have to keep in mind that their needs change during the day or at night.

During the day, you should opt for less intense bursts of air; so your fans will provide better results at lower power as long as the area does not reach 26 degrees. During the night, you can program them to work for a few minutes (between 15 and 30) per hour if you prefer not to have them on at all times.

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