How to hide a marijuana grow

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Auto-growers outdoor have to resort to these methods to not be the result of a robbery by thieves who roam the land in search of free plants. More and more technical and more or less difficult techniques.

If you are lucky enough to be able to auto grow marijuana outdoors, sure you know that you can face not only possible criticism walkers or neighbors when the plant is visible to everyone, but in addition, you also can find with thieves who want to take the fruit you so much effort and cost you money grow.

Therefore, especially when the time comes the good weather, many growers who choose to make a guerrilla growing, ie grown outside, but the plant is hidden from the eyes of others. It is a safe technique in terms of gossips or thieves are concerned, but which, if not do it as it should, it may be dangerous to the health of our plant.


And it is as you all know, the plant needs a certain amount of light and space to develop. So if we are going to use any of the guerilla growing techniques, we blindly out the recommendations of the experts in this type of system.

In addition to light, another of the problems that often involves performing these crops is the passage of hunters or walkers for our area, in addition to the intake of the seeds of our own plant or bud, by pigs, rodents and other animals that walk through our land.

Here and so you can make any of these crops, we explain some of the more common, while surprising, guerrilla crops conducted by experts in the field.

Crops at ground

These crops are usually the most common productions guerrilla marijuana. At first glance spend more unnoticed because, to be at the point where the view is not usually fixed, people do not see it, especially if you are in a more or less fenced or transiting the few people farm.

In this sense, the practice of camouflage is usually to hide our plantation between small trees such as the olive. And we talk of such trees as they have pointy leaves as marijuana and therefore spend more unnoticed.


For these cases a pvc pipe that will fill with soil and plant the seed that is used. Once roots reach the ground and thus the strength of the plant will also be optimal. In this regard, it is noteworthy that there are people who, to perfect camouflage, added polyurethane tube and then paint it the same color as the trunk. That is, the more similarly remains the growing area to what it was before planting, spend more unnoticed.




Finally and in accordance with this technique, it should be noted that, enjoy low light, we must ensure that the tree always well received and reach our marijuana plants. All skill!

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Crops in the air

In the branches in the treetops or even between the outer greenhouse crops. The story is to place our outdoor cultivation in areas where human vision scope as possible. And if few people are looking at the ground you tread, let alone go looking up to heaven, lest you be bumping against something. And if so, hopefully never be with our culture.

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In these cases, it is easier to hide among the branches of the trees and the higher the better. You must use a grid system and pay close5 attention to the irrigation system, as in the highest, little water can reach it at least the water we want to arrive.

Such systems are much more complicated than the first, but as more and more thefts occur, the ingenuity of farmers is increasing and these techniques are on the rise. By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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