How to Preserve weed

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Image of a glass jar with marijuana
Image of a glass jar with marijuana


How to preserve weed is something every stoner should know… But many do not. Cannabis is a plant that requires proper care even after harvest to maintain its freshness, potency and quality. If you are a cannabis lover, you will know how important it is to properly preserve your flowers, leaves or other marijuana products for an optimal experience.

In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and techniques on the best way to preserve weed, whether for medicinal or recreational use. You will learn about the different preservation methods, key factors to consider and best practices to ensure your marijuana stays in the best condition during storage.



⛳ Factors involved in weed preservation



  • Store in a cool place
  •  Use an airtight container, preferably glass.
  • Avoid exposure to humidity
  • Maintain a suitable temperature, between 12 and 22 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep away from light
  • Avoid exposure to air
  • Handle with clean hands and avoid touching with wet hands.
  • Label containers with storage date and variety.
  • Rotate and consume the oldest marijuana first



👾 Key Considerations for Perfect Cannabis Maintenance


To achieve the best possible quality, it’s important to have performed proper drying and curing of cannabis as you can see in this article before reaching this point. For this, it’s essential to harvest at the exact right time, which you can determine by looking at the trichomes with suitable magnifying glasses or microscopes. Then, you must dry correctly; you can hang the branches or entire plants upside down, or you can place the buds on special drying racks for this purpose. Once the buds have lost almost all their moisture, something you’ll notice if you bend the petioles or thin stems and they snap and break, it’s time to put them into Weed stash box, which are usually made of wood. There’s also the possibility of curing the herb and subsequently keeping it in Storage box for weed, and in this regard, you have a wide variety of models and materials to choose from, some of them with magnifying glasses or hygrometers included. Many growers take part of their harvest to perform dry extractions, especially the trimmings, leaves containing trichomes, and many of the small buds that are not fully formed but are loaded with resin



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✨ Methods to Preserve Weed


There are various ways to keep cannabis in perfect condition so that they do not lose potency, aroma or flavor. Here are some effective methods to keep your weed in optimal conditions:

  • Storing in airtight containers: Use airtight containers, such as glass jars or plastic containers with airtight seals, to preserve your marijuana. These containers help keep moisture and air out, which helps prevent marijuana degradation due to exposure to oxygen and moisture.
  • Keep in a cool, dark place: Store your marijuana containers in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Exposure to light and heat can degrade the chemical compounds in marijuana, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, which can affect its quality and potency.
  • Avoid humidity: Humidity can be detrimental to marijuana, as it can promote mold and mildew, and you won’t be able to consume it properly. Make sure your marijuana containers are dry before sealing them tightly and store them in a dry place.
  • Do not store in the refrigerator unless it is “No frost”: Although it may be tempting to store marijuana in the refrigerator to prolong its freshness, this is not recommended unless it is “No frost”. Marijuana can absorb moisture from the refrigerator, which can affect its quality and potency.


Best Way to Preserve Weed

The best way to preserve marijuana is to use a glass jar with an airtight seal such as SmartStash. The Glass jars are ideal for preserving marijuana because they are impervious to air and moisture. Also, glass is a non-porous material, which means it does not interact chemically with the weed, maintaining its original flavor and aroma. Make sure the jar is clean and dry before storing weed, and close the airtight seal tightly to prevent air and moisture from entering.



⭐ How to Keep Weed Longer


If you want to keep your weed longer, here are some effective strategies:

  • Freezer storage: One way to preserve weed longer is to store it in the freezer. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all types of weed are suitable for freezing, as freezing can affect the quality and flavor of certain strains. If you decide to freeze your marijuana, be sure to wrap it tightly in aluminum foil or an airtight storage bag before placing it in the freezer.
  • Use airtight storage bags: Airtight storage bags are ideal for keeping weed longer, as they prevent air and moisture from entering. You can find special storage bags for marijuana on the market, or you can also use vacuum bags for food. Be sure to remove all air from the bag before sealing it, to avoid oxidation of the marijuana.
  • Using moisture absorbers: To preserve weed longer, you can use moisture absorbers, such as silica gel packs or moisture packs specially designed for weed. These absorbents help keep weed dry and prevent the formation of mold and fungus



🚀 Preservation of Weed in the Freezer


The freezer is a popular option for preserving weed, as it can help maintain its freshness and potency for an extended period of time. However, it is important to follow certain guidelines to ensure that weed is properly preserved in the freezer.


Keeping Weed in the Freezer

Keeping weed in the freezer can be an effective strategy to maintain its freshness and potency. Here are some recommendations for storing marijuana in the freezer:

  • Protect weed properly: Before placing weed in the freezer, it is important to package it properly to protect it from exposure to air and moisture. You can use plastic containers, glass jars, or freezer bags to keep weed airtight.
  • Use airtight containers: It is important to use airtight containers to store marijuana in the freezer. Airtight containers help prevent air and moisture from entering, which can affect the quality of the weed. You can use glass or plastic containers with airtight lids or freezer bags with airtight seals.
  • Label containers: It is essential to label weed containers with the strain, freeze date and any other relevant information. This will help you keep track of your weed strains and how much time has passed since freezing, which can be helpful in making sure they are at their best when consumed.
  • Store in individual portions: To avoid having to thaw all of your weed each time you want to consume it, it is recommended that you divide it into individual portions before freezing. This way, you will be able to thaw only the amount you need on each occasion, avoiding exposing the weed to unnecessary temperature changes.
  • Avoid condensation: Condensation can occur when weed is frozen and then thawed, which can affect its quality. To avoid condensation, make sure marijuana is well wrapped and containers are tightly sealed before placing them in the freezer. Also, avoid constantly opening and closing the freezer, as sudden changes in temperature can cause condensation to form.
Image summary of factors involved in marijuana preservation
Image summary of factors involved in marijuana preservation


Freezing Weed for Preservation

Freezing weed is a popular option for preserving it for a long period of time. As with other vegetables or foods in general, it is one of the best ways to keep the properties of cannabis intact, but it is important to do it right as we have seen here.



✅ Related Products for the preservation of weed


When it comes to preserving weed optimally, there are several products on the market that can help you maintain its freshness and quality over the long term. These products are designed specifically for marijuana preservation and can be an excellent choice for those looking to keep their cannabis flowers in the best possible condition.


Preservative of Weed

There are different special products on the market for the preservation of cannabis in its different forms. Here are some common options of marijuana preservatives that you can find on the marke:


Special containers: The handy stainless steel CVault container is lightweight, sturdy and food-safe, allowing you to preserve your weed in the best conditions for an indefinite period of time, without losing any of its cannabinoid levels and organoleptic properties. All CVault containers come with hook-and-loop fasteners that make them easy to open and close, and the lid has a thick silicone ring that guarantees an airtight and totally opaque seal. They are also easy to clean as they do not absorb odors. At the bottom of the Cvault lid, there is a specially designed compartment for constant humidity sachets, such as the Bóveda Pack, which regulate the relative humidity inside the container in less than 24 hours to either 58% or 62%, depending on your preference. These envelopes have a margin of error of only 1% and a shelf life of approximately 60-90 days.


Boveda Pack CVault Envelopes: The Boveda® Pack is a practical solution for maintaining regulated humidity in CVaults of different sizes, whether small, medium, large or extra-large. These disposable sachets are necessary to maintain humidity at appropriate levels and should be replaced periodically, especially when the inside of the pack solidifies. CVaults preservation containers use a patented Boveda® technology that controls humidity in two directions, automatically adapting to the outside temperature and climate by adding or removing moisture, with the goal of maintaining a relative humidity level of 62% inside. With a humidity variation of approximately 1%, CVaults with Boveda® technology require no adjustments and after 24 hours, your marijuana flowers will be preserved in the best possible conditions.


Tight Vac storage jars: This wide range of storage containers is made of durable plastic, allowing you to store tea, coffee, cannabis flowers and more. An outstanding advantage is that no one will be able to perceive its aroma, thanks to the fact that the contents are kept stored in an ideal environment. Also, these containers have an innovative system that allows you to expel all the air when you close them, and to open them you only need to press a button on the lid that allows air to enter the interior, facilitating their opening.


Silica gel to combine with Tight Vac jars: Silica gel is the most effective desiccant to eliminate moisture and odor safely and effectively. This product has been approved by the European Union and has the maximum guarantees for health. It is composed of silica gel, which can be in contact with medicines, food and skin without causing damage. Also, this innovative anti-humidity product is capable of absorbing up to 40% of its weight, ensuring optimum performance in the elimination of humidity. It can be used with Tight Vac or any other can, jar or preservation container.



SmartStash glass jar: The V Syndicate Smart Stash container for cannabis flowers is an exceptional option with unique characteristics. This glass jar has an integrated grinder at the top, allowing you to crush and store directly in the tank, avoiding product losses. It also has a dispenser and a humidifier to ensure that the cannabis is preserved in the best conditions. With its patented magnetic grinder card and its humidification compartment under the lid, this pot is practical and functional. With a size of 8.9 cm high, it can store up to 7 grams of medical or recreational cannabis, making it an ideal choice for cannabis lovers. You will be the center of attention among your friends thanks to this innovative and convenient glass jar.


Vacuum packaging bags: Vacuum packaging bags are an economical option for preserving weed. These bags are designed to be used with a vacuum packaging machine, which extracts air from inside the bag to create an oxygen-free environment. There are preservation bags made of polyethylene that are very practical in this regard, with sizes of 22 x 21 cm, 26 x 28 cm, and 26 x 34 cm. These bags are designed to be combined with the Vacumax vacuum packing machine, in order to extract the air inside them.


Vacumax for preservation bags: Vacumax is a manual tool that allows you to vacuum pack food or other perishable products for freezer storage. This packer removes the air present in vacuum bags, preserving the texture and appearance of fresh foods, protecting them from the passage of time and freezing damage. The manual vacuum packer works by means of a hermetic sliding seal and an air valve in the vacuum bags. Once the air has been extracted, an airtight seal is obtained around the food in the bag.


00 Box display cabinets: I wanted to leave the best method of preservation of cannabis to the end. The medium-sized display cabinet of the 00 Box brand is an innovative product that gives you the opportunity to store your favorite weed with the best guarantees of preservation. This display cabinet is a wooden box lined with an insulating material and has an elegant glass front window. With this cabinet, you will be able to cure and store your weed with the highest quality, avoiding any alteration in the relative humidity and preserving the purity of the aromas and flavors of your herbs.

00 Box has done a great job with this new display made in Spain. Inside, you will find several shelves, each of them with a mesh at the bottom to recover the resin given off by your favorite weed, which makes it ideal to have different varieties without affecting their flavor and aroma properties. Also, its design makes it an elegant and functional decorative object. There are 5 different models with different sizes.





🔥 Conclusion


If you are a cannabis lover, you will know how important it is to properly preserve your flowers, extracts or other marijuana products for an optimal experience. In this article, we’ve given you valuable tips and techniques on the best way to preserve weed. Today, you’ve learned about the different preservation methods, key factors to keep in mind, and best practices to ensure your weed stays in the best condition during storage.



🎯 Frequently Asked Questions



How to preserve weed leaves?

Weed leaves can be preserved in the same way as buds, that is, as you have seen in this article, since there are different ways. To sum it up, the most important thing is to store them in a cool, dry place away from light, preferably in airtight or vacuum-packed containers.


Is weed preserved by putting it in the freezer?

Yes, as you may have seen in this post, cannabis can be properly preserved and maintained in the freezer. The ideal is to make sure that the weed is well dried, put it in a vacuum bag with silica inside.

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