Drying and curing of marijuana

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Steps to follow for drying and curing marijuana
Steps to follow for drying and curing marijuana


Now that you are about to harvest your crop, we explain the steps to follow for drying and curing in the most optimal way.


Just as you have treated the seeds very carefully, you should not think that the drying and curing processes are something that can be done by tiptoeing, as they require a delicacy, time and delivery almost or more delicate than the moments of planting.


After the weeks that you have spent growing, caring for and pampering your marijuana plants, the time to collect them is one of the most desired and expected of the whole process, as you are looking forward to trying those seeds already converted into plants that you have been waiting so long.


But this cannot be done in any way or at any time, to be able to collect your plants, you have to do it with extreme delicacy and above all you have to have an excessive patience and a lot of care throughout the process of drying and curing of marijuana.


You must know that they cannot be collected without more, the drying and curing of the marijuana is an elaborated and delicate process that can be something long and a little frustrating due to the desire that we have to try our plantation, but if you do it with patience and of the correct way, the result will be some more flavorful buds, of greater quality and with a more powerful effect.


It is necessary to know to differentiate between dried and cured of the marijuana and here we will indicate them to you and you will know which are the steps to follow.



⭐ How should be the drying of marijuana?


The recently harvested buds contain a high percentage of water, around 70 and 75% and to be able to be consumed you must reduce it between 10% and 15%, this process can take between one and four weeks. Watch that the place where you are going to make the drying of the marijuana reunites the ideal conditions so that it is made of correct form. A good place for example can be a cabinet or a pantry, since it does not receive any type of direct light, the humidity is very reduced and the temperature is fresh.


  • You must have good ventilation and make sure that the air is renewed daily. The buds are losing moisture and it is absolutely necessary to prevent it from staying in the environment
  • It needs a rather cool environment so try not to raise the temperature of 20C º, if it is higher, the process of drying marijuana will be faster but the quality of your buds will decrease and cause the evaporation of the terpenes. (Terpenes are responsible for the fragrance).
  • To maintain the level of cannabinoids, the place chosen should be one that does not get an ounce of light.
  • You have to avoid humidity at all costs, as this is responsible for causing the appearance of fungus and mold in your plants.


Important factors to take into account for a correct drying of our herb.
Important factors to take into account for a correct drying of our herb.


How to dry humid buds quickly?


To make the process of drying marijuana, separate the branches and hang them upside down, you can place ropes between walls or even use the typical clotheslines, leave a space between them so they do not touch and do not produce mold.


Keep in mind that the drying of the buds of marijuana, begins from the outside, so although you see them completely dry on the outside, do not get ahead or emotions, as they can still contain too much moisture inside. Leave them a few more days hanging and watch them.


It is very important that you do not run in this process and let the marijuana dry in due time, if you force the drying, you will only get to spoil all the plantation and all the work of the previous weeks, since the quality of your marijuana will be very diminished.



How to speed up the drying of marijuana?


To help a faster drying of marijuana, you can place a fan standing in front of them and let the air reach each branch, this way it will help all dry equally. It is also advisable to turn the buds every day so that their drying is more uniform.



What is the drying time of marijuana and how many days does it need?


Let the buds dry, between 10 and 15 days, never less and if you think that in a shorter time has finished its drying process, it is very likely that the quality of your product has declined.


At this point you should see that the buds are dry on the outside but do not crumble when squeezed. Fold a branch in half, and if you hear a crunch it means that the branch is ready to move on to the marijuana curing phase



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✅ Marijuana Cure


As the process of drying, the process of curing of the marijuana, requires of a few times that we must respect, the greater the time of curing of the cannabis, better result we will obtain as for its organoleptic properties.


During the process of curing of the marijuana, the excess of water that could have been left is lost and it is helped to the maceration of the chlorophyll that is what does that the plants have that greenish touch, for that reason it has to pass through the process of maceration, so that it disappears and your plants get a more yellowish tone or brown that are the ones that have a more desirable flavor.


Although it is in this process when the chlorophyll decomposes completely, we must bear in mind that when we begin the process of drying of the marijuana, also begins the process of the chlorophyll, so it is necessary to make sure that we make it of suitable form.


It is necessary to conserve the branches of marijuana hung until we observe that they are enough dry by outside for later to take down them when we see that they still have a small touch of damp just in the middle of the buds.


How to cure marijuana in glass jars?


You have to put each twig in a glass jar. Make sure you don’t let any light through and don’t saturate the inside of the glass jar.


How long do you have to cure your marijuana buds?


The marijuana will continue losing its excess of humidity, for that reason you must go opening the jars every day and letting the air renew and fill of clean air, letting leave this way all the humidity that the bud has lost during that day.


If when opening the boat you see that the branch is too fresh, it may be that you have kept it too soon and you have to dry it again for a couple of days more, you can hang them back from the ropes where you started, but you can also use a drying iron. On the other hand, if you see that the branch is too dry, in that case it means that you put the branch too late and unfortunately it has spoiled.


Open the boat between 5 and 15 minutes a day for about two or three weeks and if you’ve done everything as it should be, after that time the buds will be completely dry and crunchy and no longer need to reopen the boats.


From here, your marijuana already will be ready for the consumption, approximately to the month to have it saved already will have a powerful flavor and will be suitable to be able to enjoy it. A good place to store our buds is in the refrigerator, is a cool place and thanks to the container the humidity of the environment will be kept out.


Bear in mind that the more months you keep the stored marijuana, (normally reaches its maximum power at 6 months) the greater the effect will be produced and better flavor will have, but be careful, because when it reaches a time, more or less two years, the quality and power of the buds begins to decrease and therefore also its effects.






Cultivating your own marijuana is a process that can become very pleasant, is a job that if you do it correctly, the fruits and results you receive in the end deserves every moment of effort.


You are before weeks of work that go from the moment in which you bought the seeds until it finishes the process of drying and curing of the marijuana, therefore you have to have patience, much patience, remembers that the marijuana requires of a few times that you must respect, but I assure you that it is totally worth it and if you continue doing it at the end you will end up becoming everything an expert.


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