How watering marijuana plants correctly

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The techniques vary depending upon whether the planting is done on land or potted directly. However, marijuana is a plant that likes to get plenty of water, but once, without drowning, and that it can go slowly absorbing .images

If you are an experienced grower, chances are you know exactly when and how you should water your plants and, therefore, can that this text is not of your interest, but do not come wrong to take a look, so you can check whether you have done correctly or even to add tricks and techniques that could come to them well to other growers.

However it may seem a simple question, when people start to grow marijuana for personal use and not always know exactly how or when to water plants, so this text, though addressed to everyone, is especially dedicated to them.

Marijuana, a plant with requirements

Marijuana is a plant that has its “hobbies” and likes to be treated with great care, to give the result expected from it. Irrigation is one of those aspects that more importance should be given, along with light and suitable climate conservation at every stage of growth. But let’s focus on irrigation.


A marijuana plants like getting a lot of water, but every so often, but once and then can be absorbed slowly, so that, without actually drowning, they can feed themselves without having to pending this task each time. It’s a bonus!

The amount of water will vary on the one hand, depending on type of crop (if potted, or is directly on land, in that we have any land) and the technique used for this.

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Amounts in potted crops

First, we talk, being the most used by self-growers, cultivation in pots and interior. In this sense, you have the option to do a manual watering or if your economy and space allows, a mechanized irrigation through a system that automates the amount of water (but be yourself you have to modify it according to growth stage where the plant is).


We begin with manual watering. As we have mentioned, marijuana plants like receiving water abundantly, but once without drowning. So how do we know how much water we use and how often? The answer is simple: the amount varies depending on the size of the pot. Then we will have to water once the plant to absorb all the water, of course, without allowing it to dry completely.

To test this, we recommend sticking your finger and see that has some moisture, but not heavy. That will be the best time, because the plant is ready to continue to absorb water, so necessary for life, as in the case of humans. If you do not know what you should weigh a container of marijuana, we recommend you have beside you water the plant, a pot, but only containing earth, to know how much you should weigh. However, with the passage of days you yourself notice how often you need to water your marijuana plant.

One trick that we recommend is that under the pot have a dish that can hold water, without it coming off. Thus, the plant will absorb, naturally, the water, if needed.

As far as the amounts concerned, as we have said before, they will vary depending on the size of the pot:

  • One liter pots: 0.25 liters each time.
  • 4-liter pots: 1 liter each time
  • Pots of 12 liters: 3 liters each time
  • Pots of 12 liters: 7.5 liters each time

When the amounts of water are large, you probably have to water in two or three passes, but always at the same time and not at different times of day. Furthermore, it added that it is advisable to use substrate, so that5854_kit-riego-facil-piensaenverde the plant can absorb water well.

In this section of Piensa En Verde, you will find different accessories to conduct manual watering, such as a sprayer with a capacity of two liters or manual watering kit, among others.

Using this manual technique, relatively simple, it’s natural that you have to water your plant every 3-6 days, but this will vary depending on weather conditions (heat the more you do the more you will have to water) and the size (the more small, has less absorptivity and irrigation will therefore most often).

What water is better to water our plant?

The natural, as with any plant we have at home, is to use tap water. Of course, it’s okay to use it, but given that it does not have too high hardness. Depending on where you live, you have to know this fact well.


For you to stay calmer, we recommend using it, but diluting it in pure water, as it may be, for example, rain water or demineralized. Thus, we achieve that pass 0.4 or higher figure, to 0.3, that’s when you can already use this type of water or below this figure.

A tip: if we are to use tap water, as recommended when we have fish at home, let stand the water you use for 24 hours. Thus we get chlorine leave (something grateful because our plant does not like it) and the water will be (much better than cold, warm or hot) room temperature.

Other types of water is also recommended to use for irrigation of these crops are:

Rainwater: but as long as leaking. One trick: put it one minute in the microwave. This way you get eliminate all bacteria, fungi or algae that can contain and prevent your sick plant. Then let stand until room temperature take.1110_filtro-osmosis-inversa-wassertech-piensaenverde

Osmotic water: which is characterized by going through a process of purity by which microorganisms are removed, minerals and other extraneous water to the constitution agents We are therefore facing a very pure water. It is usually used to fill the fish tanks and therefore be easier than you find in pet shops, but there are also people who used to cook the vegetables, without any external agent into their food. For this, an equipment Osmosis, which makes the water purification process is used.

If you want to use this water, which experts recommend is to include a supplement containing calcium, magnesium or trace elements. Ie using fertilizers that are compatible with tap water (although in this case has gone through a process of prior clearance).


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Other tips

We have already said that watering a marijuana plant is not as complicated, but if most or one of the most important things we have to do at the time to cultivate. Therefore, always good advice from experienced growers, so they do not make mistakes, especially when we are at our first culture or in one of the first and we have not yet checked this.


In this regard, we would like to add several things:

Reduce the risk: we have said before, that the amount of water we use, depends on different factors; the growth stage in which you are, is also relevant. Especially if you find yourself at the end of the growth process of the plant, you will perceive you no longer need so much water and so assiduously.

At each plant, its amount: because you may have planted several at a time, but for different circumstances (for example, the type of seed) grow some more than others or develop a little earlier. On each plant you will pay unique attention. If not grow together, they either need the same amount of water.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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