Learn how to apply the Hesi cultivation chart in soil.

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HESI fertilizers
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Hesi fertilizers! In this article, we will thoroughly explore the Hesi soil growing chart, one of the most recognized brands in the cannabis cultivation field. Whether you are a beginner grower or an expert, here you will find all the necessary information to maximize the yield and health of your plants. From how to use each product in their line to the best practices for application, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions so you can get the most out of your crops with Hesi.



🔥 Hesi Soil Growing Chart



Week Product Dosage Frequency
Growth 1 TNT Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Growth 2 TNT Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 1 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 2 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 3 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 4 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 5 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 6 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 7 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering
Flowering 8 Bloom Complex 5 ml/L Every watering



📱 Complementary Products


Product Dosage Frequency
Root Complex 5 ml/L First week of growth
Phosphorus Plus 2.5 ml/L Weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of flowering
Super Vit 1 drop/4.5L of water Every watering
Power Zyme 2 ml/L 1-2 times per week



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  • Growth: 18 hours of light
  • Flowering: 12 hours of light



  • Flush with water: Perform a watering with only water every two weeks to avoid the accumulation of salts and nutrients.
  • SuperVit: Use in every watering to give an extra boost of energy to the plant.
  • PowerZyme: Apply 1-2 times per week along with fertilizers and boosters.
  • Boost: Apply in the first week of flowering at a rate of 2 ml/L.




👾 Conclusions


In conclusion, Hesi fertilizers offer a complete and effective solution for all growers, whether novice or expert. Their product range is designed to cover each stage of the plant life cycle, ensuring robust growth and abundant harvests. We hope this guide has provided you with a clear understanding of how to use Hesi products and their benefits. Feel free to experiment and adjust the dosages according to the specific needs of your plants. Remember, a successful cultivation starts with proper care and feeding of your plants. Hesi is the mineral-based weed fertilizer brand that offers the best quality/price ratio, but if you prefer organic fertilizers, I recommend reading this other article explaining how to apply the Biobizz chart.





What is Hesi?

Hesi is a leading brand in the world of plant fertilizers, known for its high quality and effectiveness. They offer a wide range of specific products for different stages of growth and flowering, both for soil, coco, and hydroponic cultivation. Their fertilizers are formulated with a balanced combination of nutrients and trace elements, designed to promote healthy growth and maximize plant yield.


When to use Hesi Boost?

Hesi Boost is mainly used during the flowering phase to stimulate flower production and improve harvest quality. It is recommended to start using it from the third week of the flowering phase. The recommended dosage is 2 ml per liter of water, applying it with each watering until two weeks before harvest. Hesi Boost not only improves the size and density of the flowers but also intensifies the aroma and flavor of the buds.

How to use Hesi Root Complex?

Hesi Root Complex is used to stimulate the development of healthy and strong roots, especially during the first weeks of the plant’s life or after a transplant. It is recommended to use a dosage of 5 ml per liter of water. Apply this solution every time you water during the first two weeks of growth. This complex can also be beneficial for reducing plant stress and improving nutrient absorption.

Is Hesi suitable for all types of cultivation?

Yes, Hesi offers specific products for different types of cultivation, including soil, coco, and hydroponics. Each product line is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of plants according to the cultivation medium. It is important to follow the dosage and usage recommendations for each product according to the type of cultivation to achieve the best results.

Can Hesi fertilizers be mixed with other brands?

Although it is possible to mix Hesi fertilizers with products from other brands, it is not highly recommended. Mixing different fertilizer lines can cause nutrient blockages or over-fertilization, which could harm your plants. For the best results, it is advised to use the complete range of Hesi products, as they are designed to work together efficiently and balanced.

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