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Live Resin expression used to talk aromatic resin concentrates. These concentrates are ideal for medical cannabis users as they have a high content of THC.

How this technique come from?

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Live Resin is quite recent. The inventor of this term was William, nicknamed “Kind Bill” Fenger, an American grower specializing in extractions cannabinoids for over 30 years. Fenger led the first legal culture dedicated exclusively to the production of concentrated marijuana in 2010. Fenger had the idea of extracting cannabinoids from a fresh plant using butane. The result liked it very much, because its taste and smell were fascinating. The aim of Fenger was to enhance the smell of cannabinoids. The technique used William Fenger is not quite easy as the moisture of the buds of marijuana could prevent the butane its solvent effect. To try to solve this problem is the most basic freeze the buds. The secret for this technique to work is to use the maximum cold during extraction.


There are several ways to obtain the components of cannabis. If we speak of the concentrates, the most common way is the butane hash oil (BHO), oil Marihuan extracted with butane. The Live Resin is a form of BHO by a stronger and purer flavor is conserved. The buds to which this technique is applied offer cannabinoids and terpenes, but this technique, as mentioned, has a very specialized process. Instead of manipulating the drying whorl, it becomes is conducting a preliminary freezing process.

Normally, a person who has a home – grown, dried buds gradually over a period of time likely to vary. Perform this process in a gradual way is very important for the aroma and taste of the final product was excellent. In this drying process, essential oils or terpenes are lost. However, if the Live Resin process is used, ie if freshly harvested buds are frozen immediately terpenes and cannabinoids not degrade, and here is the crux of the matter is.

Live Resin, the aroma and flavor of the final product is excellent.
Live Resin, the aroma and flavor of the final product is excellent.
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Only for experts

Live resin is a form of BHO produced by exposing the bud to butane. Although also it is produced by extraction with CO2. After extraction, the impurities with a vacuum oven at low temperature are removed for a few hours. The aroma and taste that is obtained by this technique are much higher than those made by other techniques.

The disadvantages of using this technique undergo complex processing, since it is necessary to have a computer laboratory. It is also a very expensive technique. And be careful! Consumers or farmers who have no experience in marijuana concentrates have to refrain from using this technique. THC levels of marijuana drawn through Live Resin have a high power variation and which may range between 65% and 95%, so to say, anyone can not engage in overnight to create cannabis by Live Rezin, while marijuana buds obtained by drying contain between 10 and 20 percent THC.

Live Resin: a high power of THC
Live Resin: a high power of THC

Ideal for medicinal use

Live Resin process provides the ability to take large amounts of THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol: It is the chemical that produces the psychological effects of marijuana) and other cannabinoids in one puff. Therefore, it is very beneficial for patients who use cannabis to combat chronic pain or nausea and need quick relief but do not want to be smoking all day. Its powerful effect could also have implications for people who use cannabis for medical or combat various diseases derived therefrom, as the side effects of chemotherapy, epilepsy, migraines … It becomes an important ally for patients with much pain.

We must also say that there is to know very well what Live Resin is being used as any residue of butane remaining in the final product, of course, will not be healthy. Make sure that this technique has been used in laboratories with qualified professionals.

Live Resin, an important ally for patients in pain.
Live Resin, an important ally for patients in pain.

Researchers have found that terpenes marijuana does not have to do only with the taste or aroma of cannabis, but also those terpenes cannabinoids help to increase its medicinal effects. Therefore, in the future, the Live Resin, which has a high amount of THC, is seen as an industry that could have in the future a great importance for its medicinal use. But for now, the laws are what they are and still a long way to go.

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Hard to find

Dabber BHO
Dabber BHO

Marijuana arising under this new technique of Live Resin, is not easy to get. In addition, production of concentrated cannabis, does not have the protection of any law, and this makes both people and companies are encouraged not to use this route too. So far, the United States is the only country that legally sells products made by this technique. At the moment, we can find legally on the market are any paraphernalia related to BHO (butane). In PEV Grow, we can offer you, for example, the Dabber for BHO, precise tool made of steel sterilized, ideal for safely put the concentration of cannabis in different nails. With the dabber is no need to touch or get our hands dirty, or let aftertaste or residue, is heat resistant and completely neutral.

We will also offer facilities for smoking concentrates and large pieces of resin, such as BHO titanium nail that withstands extreme temperatures and serves to place at its base concentrations cannabis and be a great resistance material without any toxic elements or impurities. Its small crown of the head prevent the drop from falling.

Titanium nail BHO
Titanium nail BHO

By Noelia Jimenez, Team Piensa En Verde

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